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You know, I'm hungry.
If you want,
I'll invite you to a restaurant.
That one - Chinese.
OK. Tomorrow. At 6... no, 7 o'clock.
- Really?
- Really.
I'll ask you again tomorrow.
Right, ask me tomorrow.
If nothing strange happens.
VDNH. Is anybody in that region?
Gorodetsky, 5 minutes out.
There's a human under attack.
Some old lady again. It's the same MO:
he using the charmed needle.
He's stabbing her in the back.
Needle went in through the shoulder blade
and reached the vertebrae capillary net.
What is this?
What is this?
The criminal is sucking
vital energy from victim's body.
We can't identify him.
Be careful, he's dangerous.
I can't go in there right now -
I'm with a trainee.
- 1485th accepted. We're on our way.
- What's with you?
Thanks, Anton.
I knew you couldn't reject it.
Bastards! We need to crush them.
Don't enter the gloom by yourself, ok?
Don't make any quick moves.
Breathe deeply.
Don't EVER think of
going into the second level.
What's on the second level?
I don't know. I've never been there.
People say there are mosquitos.
None of the mosquitos
can live there either.
But Boris Ivanovich really said - they do.
Well, if Boris Ivanovich said so -
it must be true!
So, all you have to do is turn on
the flashlight. Push that button...
What's that button do?
There she is!
What the heck are you doing?
You're supposed to sitting
in the car, aren't you?
Why you always shout at me?
And then he stabs me under shoulder-blade
with something like a needle.
And then, as I bent over...
"EVIL juice"
You scum!
Stop! Freeze!
That's better, yeah?
Wait. I'll be back, be back.
Shit, bitches! They've all run off.
Out of the way!
Get out of the way!
Stop! Freeze!
Stop! Freeze!
Come back!
Come here!
Behind you!
Behind you!
Turn around!
Behind you!
Stop! Stay there!
Is this some kind of talent show?
WHY did you stop me? I almost had him.
I'll take care of him by myself, alright?
How do you know him?
He's my friend.
But he is a Dark one.
Dark or Light - what's the difference?
How did it happen to you?
The world is not without good people.
You'll do what I say,
while you wearing this ring.
I feel pain.
YOU feel pain?
But we're gonna die in a day.
Sign this, please.
What is it?
A contract.
No, you don't have
any contract with us yet.
Not with you.
This about renting of the hall.
How much?
$1000. Per hour.
Have you no shame?
Time's change.
Just a little longer.
What's happen?
Those were your words, that only
Great ones can enter the second level!
Give me a weapon! Give me!
You promised! Let me go!
A few minutes ago,
next to VDNH metro-station,
the murder of a human
was prevented.
A Dark one had ambushed the woman,
in broad daylight.
Are you arrested him?
Well, "no" isn't much good!
But we have evidence.
What evidence?
The jig is up!
Who the hell is she?
Rogova, don't tell me
you've never told your trainees...
about the punishment
for killing people?
They can't prove a thing!
Where is your cap?
And this is all we've got, yeah?
What does he look like?
I can't remember, you know.
- You really can't?
- Nah.
Ok, I'll pass it on to the lab -
they'll make it out.
Let's go.
Anton, give me your car keys,
I haven't travelled by the Metro
in 49 years.
Keys? Ok.
Come on, come on.
So, how are you feeling?
How do you feel?
You need to get some food.
Let's go and eat something.
Why didn't you tell me that
he's your friend?
And what're we gonna do now?
Where are you going?
Maybe we should steal this damn cap?
Oh. You still like those bums.
Why, they are pure donors!
I might ask you about something.
They gave a blood license to my son.
He doesn't drink at all - you know it.
The Night Watch lab is

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