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Дневной дозор

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fire on the floor!
Let's all filling out! Everybody!
Fire! Leaving the floor!
Hey, what's happened?
Fire! Fire! Go out! Come on!
Come on, we're going out!
We're going out! It's fire!
- Miss, what's just happened? Miss!
What is it, young man?
Anton. Anton, where are you? Anton!
People in the panic-stricken stampede.
Yes, people are trying to escape.
They're returning.
The fire on the floor. Be cool.
Miss... What... Young man...
What's happened?
Yes. Yes, yes. I'm on the way.
Do you shoting it?
It's very dark around here.
The end of the world.
Maybe they give one more time?
You must find Alisa and retake the chalk from her.
Where is Alisa?
Alisa? You...
Alisa! Wait!
I'm not a boy to running for you, you know?
What are you doing anyway?
Freeze! Freeze!
Run. I say, run!
Stay! Stay! Stay where you are!
Chill, chill, chill, chill.
Well, can you led me to Alisa?
Come on, come on. Led me to her.
Kostya, I didn't want that. Kostya...
I ruined everything...
Kostya. Kostya.
Give it to me! Give it!
Give it to me! Give!
Nooo! No! You scum! Get off me!
You can't return him anyway.
I'll fix everything up!
You'll fix nothing!
Give me the chalk.
Because it's not your fault at all!
Give me the chalk!
Then, whose fault is that?
It doesn't matter! Doesn't matter!
It's my fault for everything.
Anton! Anton...
I'm here...
Wait me. I'll be back, be back.
I'll be back.
Anton, I can see nothing.
Release him. Release him. I'm not give him to you!
Do you hear me? I'm not give him to you!
Don't leave me, Anton!
Hold on! Hold on!
The glass!
Where do you dragging him?
The glass!
The glass is just about to falling!
What have you done, Anton?
I found the Chalk, Boris Ivanovich.
That house was demolitioned.
It was, but... But one little wall is suirvived.
I beg you Anton, run. Run now.
This camera has got a short exposure.
Thank you, Boris Ivanovich.
Well? It's ok for you?
No... I'll try and deal with it by my own.
By humanly way.
"No". It isn't much good.
Excuse me, please.
Can I cop a cigarette?
You haven't?
I don't smoke.
No recognition.
Now what?
That's all. I became a human.
No recognition.
Wait, its starting to recognize him!
Don't giving a hints to him!
And you don't complicate it for him!
We are not fated!
We are fated!
Excuse me, please.
Say, have we met somewhere else before?
My word.
We are surrounded?
Look at them! Freakin Dandies!
It's a really good thing.
Eh!Why does the wind blow?
To cover our tracks.
So that no one knows we're still alive.
It was a long time ago,
and nowadays nobody remembers the
battle on the Bridge of Justice...
when the warriors of Light
fought against the warriors of Dark.
Nobody remembers the bloodshed.
And about how the heart of
Great Gesser couldn't endure it,
and he stopped that battle.
But some day, when
the night is longer than the day,
a new Great One will come,
and world will decend into darkness.
And then nothing but
the Chalk of Fate can save us.
And this chalk was kept
in an impenetrable fortress,
and everyone who tried to find the chalk,
died in an endless labyrinth.
Without any exception.
Until Tamerlan.
Northern Iran. Tamerlan's Army
Mercy! I have done you no harm!
There's the chalk!
Greetings, Tamerlan,
hardened and ruthless.
I shall control the fate of the world.
But you can't even control your own fate.
What do I write?
What do you want?
To live!
Then write it.
There's the chalk!
You already told me...
From then on, Tamerlan never again made
any irreparable mistakes.
Are you interested?
Trainee Nazarova,
put this book in it's place, please.
Do you think that
the chalk really exists?
Why, you want to fix something?
Get your knee off of me, please.
Why do you always
say rude things to me?
I say, get your knee off of me, please!
"Happy new year!
Moscow 2006"
Дневной дозор Дневной дозор

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