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Дневной дозор

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to each other.
It's ok.
The Inquisition is dismissing murder
charges against Anton Gorodetskiy.
You can leave now.
Thanks, but it is nice for me to being here.
I'll explain you everything...
It was you who called them?
Zavulon! You made a promise.
Go away, father. You're the spoiler of our party.
He can't do it by his own will! He was suggested!
The one who suggested him...
Quiet, quiet. Give me the chalk.
Come on.
Go away, bitch!
It's from the old song -
"Someone is loosing...
and someone is finding.
Someone is leaving...
and someone is coming."
She came. She's here.
Now all are assembled.
Stop her, mister Zavulon.
She can't be stoped.
And... what about a killing?
Melodrama is not my genre at all, Egor.
Then I'll do it by myself.
She is stronger than you. Think about it.
Don't ever think.
- Svetochka!
- Anton!
Go home now. I'll explain you everything. After that.
Please, go home.
No offence.
I'm just fine.
Please, go home.
You see, mister Zavulon?
He doesn't love her any more. He became a Dark one.
No, my sweet Egor, he's just making it more difficult.
And what we gonna do?
Think, Egor, think.
Yesterday, into the Gloom,
I stuck the needle in her body.
Now I can suck her.
125-3 minutes to target.
320-7 minutes.
34-6 minutes.
540-2 minutes. 540th!
118-1 minute to target.
Under no circumstances don't start it without us!
You all stay where you are!
I repeat: you all stay where you are!
We are surrounded?
No response.
Sveta! Sveta, it's me. Look at me.
Don't close your eyes, you hear?
I'm losing you, Sveta. I'm losing you.
Be cool, be cool. Yes. Come on, help me.
Help me and we'll get out here.
We're are getting out.
Come on, breathe, breathe...
Go into driving school!
Fine girl, fine girl!
Get up.
Get up slowly. Sveta, get up.
Come on, talk to me. Talk.
Tell me about something.
That's a good girl. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Yeah.
You already on your feet. Good girl.
You're are such a beauty, Sveta!
You're a beauty!
Come on, come on, come on! Get up, get up!
Hallo, Olya?
Yes, we're on the way. Wait for us.
I found Anton!
He is drunked and now don't want to go anywhere!
Go for a training.
They poisoned him?
We'll need to get out of here,
it's a trap, a provocation!
Don't try and bumping into Egor!
Do you hear me?
I hear.
Do you hear me?
Yes, I hear you.
Who do you want?
I need Anton Gorodetskiy.
I need him too.
No, i need just to have a talk with him.
Nooo, you lie.
You came to take him away from me, right?
He loves you.
He loves you too.
And now ladies and gentlemen!
It's time for the main event of our party!
We were waiting it, as the saying goes,
for thousand years.
And now we've got the new Greater!
I don't want to busting up with you.
You have no another choice.
Fasten your belt.
We'll start a battle and we
will be a winners at this time!
A huge Mutha-Fucker!
But if only one blood drop of any Dark one will be
spilled then the Contract is broken.
And then we will start a battle! And we'll be a winners!
All right, this is it.
Why we're always hiding? Isn't that enough?
Who are the criminals actually? We or they?
So, what's the problem with us, dudes?
We knew everyone of them just by sight!
His dastardly, ugly, dark face.
Ordinary people believe in us!
Who else can protect them if we don't?
Because nobody else but us is incapable
of doing anything else at present!
Because the Fate is in our only hands right now!
Everyone freeze! This is a provocation!
There will be a Darkness,
and nothing will be able to resist it...
What if they really will make a scuffling there?
All right, I'll go away.
Try it.
Blood! Blood!
What's with you?
Blood! Blood! Blood!
That's all.
What's "all"?
It's begun right now.
I didn't want it.
Let's go?
What about Gesser?
Let's go!!!
Everybody, file out the floor, without panic!
It's emergency evacuation! The
Дневной дозор Дневной дозор

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