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Дневной дозор

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Gosha was going in the Kosmos hotel
to some boy's birthday party.
What... What do you want to do?
What do you want to do?
No! Nothing will come of it!
Everybody knew your ugly face!
Well, of course, it's not our methods at all.
Could you tell me,
please, where is a some boy's birthday party?
It's on the top floor by the lift.
Kolya. The Parrot is coming to you.
Well, how are you?
Fie-fie. Come on, go quick, don't be late.
Vityok, wait.
Give me your coat.
Hi, Vityok.
Is this begun?
Do I look like your Vityok?
So, you're not Vityok?
But then where is Vityok?
Who's there?
Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
Quite, quite!
Let's give to his father permission to speak something!
HE has got the birthday. You forgot it already?
Give him a penalty goblet!1025
Come on, say something.
He was so waiting for you. What's with you?
I know, you the Light ones are know how to do it!
Come on!
I... wish you... good health and good luck, Egor.
That's all?
And I wish that everything will be the best in your life.
in YOUR life!
I'll told you another things after that, Egor.
Let's go out of here?
No, say it right now - "after that" it'll be too late.
I wish you only a one thing.
I wish you to learn how to forgive.
And whatever they'll say to you...
Sorry for your dad - he is so tired.
They poisoned him.
Hey! Let me pass there, to the right.
Vitya, on the left parallel one slow down the 548.
Receiving it?
Give me passing to the right!
That's what vinaigrette is about, Sonny.
Without snacking.
What is it?
Are the elements important? Or the effect?
You broke my life, granny!
Well, you broke mine too.
Yes! Because of you,
I'm sitting in "zoo corner" last 12 years!
So whatta we going to do with you?
What you're coming to here for?
Ain't you forgot it, my dear?
A chalk?
You know, your izba was demolitioned!
It's true. But one little wall is survived.
Come here. It's grapes. Do you want the grapes?
Here! Nooo.
Bring the chalk and then I give it. We have a deal?
She wouldn't eat anything if she didn't know you.
She is trained?
She is trained.
- She wouldn't eat?
- She wouldn't eat.
But I do!
Good boy!
To everybody!
Good boy! O-o-o-o...
I will eat!
I will eat everyone!
The enemies' whirlwinds is waving over us,
Dark forces is violently oppressing us,
Into the fateful battle...
He is here, somewhere. He is close, I feel it.
But we will rising up with proud and courage...
Ooh! My word!
What's going on here?
You're stupid, aren't you?
Huh? Idiot.
Stop this, Semyon! Take a grip on yourself!
What are you doing, Semyon? Don't do it!
Drive faster - we can be late.
Should we call Inquisition?
No, the time is not yet.
Not all are assembled yet.
A Big Zavulon, my darling!
Let's have a drink?
Ok, if you really put it like that.
In the Bruderschaft style.
You'll bring it on yourself, Gorodetskiy.
And then I'll pass you to Inquisition...
Me? To Inquisition?
With that reason?
I didn't kill...
You know it.
Then who did it?
You know how it is in the whodunit - some gardener...
Or a butcher.
Valeriy Sergeevich, fancy meeting you here!
I'm just coming for my son.
He's coming for his son too!
They gave a lisence to Kostya.
But you know it - he is not the sort.
Then what's his sort?
He is a inoffensive man. As his mother was.
She was a real human.
But I think, he takes after his father.
Stop! Dark gentlemen!
Do you want to know who killed Galina Rogova?
She was killed by...
She was killed by...
Was killed by...
But why did I have to kill her?
THEY WERE killed...
Really, why?
Why did you have to kill them?
Ow! Ow, ow!
And do you want to know who suggested this idea to him?
By this very knife.
I wanted you to became a human so much.
Nothing in the world will not be able to
excuse the breaking of the Great Contract.
Do you admit your guilty?
Yes. I admit it.
Say goodbye
Дневной дозор Дневной дозор

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