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Дневной дозор

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We're taking off.
If you will open that grave, then a war will begin.
You don't go there.
I'll open it very gently.
Just move it a little by one of my nails.
No, we're not to fly.
- What was that?
- At me -- everything is all right.
Let's fly.
No, it doesn't work.
-593th, what's the matter?
- I don't know. I'm in the take-off regime.
But there is no taking off.
Listen, people!
Listen, people!
All of you want to fly to Samarkand, right?
They all want to fly! Do you understand?
Let's fly.
- Commander. Decision-making speed.
- We starting our take-off!
593th, what's on your board?
I don't call you.
Why we don't do anything?
You want this?
Once upon a time,
one of our officers left himself wide open.
He broke the Contract.
And when the killing of him was seems to be inevitable.
This girl.
Hey, it's Olga.
After that, of course,
he had justify himself and Inquisition had discharge him.
As to that girl-magician...
She is not changing not a bit.
... while we -- the Light ones --
were in need of her so much, she was condemned.
That's a sad story, Boris Ivanovich.
I was just a bite.
But she -- a Greater -- was the real target.
There is no chalk into Tamerlan's right fist.
How did you know that? Were you there?
In 1941 Boris was in trouble and I was really needed the Chalk.
So, I suggested archaeologists should organize
an expedition and I went there with them.
In Samarkand some oldman joined to me.
His name was Zoar.
I alert him that if we open the grave then war will begin.
But I was sure that...
then the Chalk will be in my hands
then I will be able to correct everything.
When we opened the grave, there was a sign on it:
"I held the whole world in my fist,
but now I can't take it along."
His right fist had no chalk.
But what Zoar was doing there?
He had worked in Gorkom. With some ideology things.
And what he was doing under Tamerlan?
Well, almost the same thing - Zoar was his right arm.
His RIGHT arm?
Ow, Zoar. Ow, you Old Miller.
Olya! Turn plane back.
Now I know where the chalk is. It's Zoar who keeping it.
Give me the chalk.
That's the chalk.
No, you don't get it - I need a magic one.
That's the magic one.
Then, where on what surface do you mark
with the crayon?
Right on this blackboard.
And does it's helping to you?
Every day.
But what's it suppose to writing?
Anything you want.
How did you... How did you appear here?
I'm just passing by and I decided to drop in.
Just passing by? Just passing, yeah?
- Passing? Egor, it's working! Do you understand?
It's working!
What's working, dad?
The chalk! The chalk is working!
My dear man! Say, why you're so cold?
Why are you so cold? Are you freezing? Just wait.
Do you want to eat? Huh? Now we cook something for you.
Zoar. Come on, come on. Make something to eat.
I've got the son!
Sit down, sit down, sit down. Come on.
It's working!
Give me your pants quickly!
We'll launder it too.
But I haven't another one.
Well, today it's too late for going to somewhere,
you not agreed?
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Forget it. If we are laundring, let's launder.
Oh! Excuse me, I looking for your neighbour.
Well, not only you.
Thank you.
Be careful, Svetlana.
You're vampire?
I'm vampire! Check this.
Sorry for him. But we didn't brake any laws.
But I don't blame you for anything either.
Here is the Moskow registration.
I... I... I'm not blaming you in something.
All that inside the fridge is a legal products:
milk, cheese, potatoes...
I'm sorry...
Dad, go away. Stop abasing yourself.
Hallo, Anton?
Who is it?
It's me, it's Svetlana.
Svetlana? You know that he has got a family, a child.
Please, don't call him any more.
Egor, here.
This is a pilaw - you must eat it with your bare hands.
So, it's tasty?
Do you want to go and eat with us?
With "us"?
With me. With mam.
Egor, I can't go with you 'cos I've got another life.
Egor, you know I...
But you'll
Дневной дозор Дневной дозор

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