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need to go.
I'm only for one minute.
Don't miss the door.
The door with the picture of a boy. It's not yours door.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ow... Damn it.
I've been framed up.
Now they've got a direct evidence.
But I did't kill... It's just a coincidence.
No, it's not a coincidence, it's a provocation.
But Anton wasn't there at that time.
They cracked both of you.
That's all because you don't
belong out of your apartments.
The main thing is now they entitled
to do with you anything what they want.
Why we're stopping?
You want to playing with the toy soldiers?
I'm all ears, Zavulon.
I accuse one of the Night Watch officer...
...Anton Gorodetskiy - in the murdering.
Okay, I wil try to find him.
We want to take him now.
He is not here.
The one who we suspect in the murders...
is confined into this woman's body.
What are you doing? What are you doing?
You have no rights for resistance.
Why you don't do anything?
Why you don't do anything?
Stop it! We have no right to interfere them.
If you will break the Contract, then they'll kill you.
What has trolleybus got to do with it?
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go.
An actor, yeah?
If you'll not produce evidence of non-participation.
of Gorodetskiy to the murdering
of the Dark ones, till dawn,
then we'll grant a license to his annihilation.
We already have the letter of
inquiry signed by the Day Watch.
Here is the copy.
We'll not give out our colleague.
I intend to write and send a formal protest.
If you'll refuse to obey the law,
then war will be unavoidable.
This is a provocation of the Day Watch.
And in the war like this war the
Greaters will never take your side.
The pretensions of the Day Watch is reasonable.
And your protest will be rejected.
Alisher? It's Gorodetskiy, from Moskow.
Ow, Anton, hi. What's cracking?
Nothing special.
Alisherchik, I'm is about to flying to you.
Would you be so kind I need to get into Tamerlan's grave.
But nobody must knew about this. Will you help?
Hallo? What are you talking about?
I'm not to you. Yes.
Ow... You'll do it.
So, ok, come to us. We'll organize all for you.
Anton, say "hi" to Semyon from me.
See you.
Salam aleykum, Djavlan-akya! Muslem greeting.
It's me. There is a man - some
"Karadetskiy" - he is flying to us.
So, Gorodetskiy is preparing for a journey to Samarkand?
Thank you, Mahmood.
Well, shall I go to Samarkand too?
I fear, this plane willnot make it to Samarkand.
What do you mean?
Maybe it wil be better, if the parrot is flying?
Instead of you.
And this...
What is this?
This is his car.
To airport.
- Olya.
- Well, how are you?
Too bad. I want my body back.
We'll meet in half-hour at Domodedovo airport.
We'll go on foot?
Or we can take the lift?
I want my body back.
Are you going to somewhere?
Uh-huh. But give my body back.
You mean, you don't like mine?
No, I like it. But I fear, I can damage it.
What do you mean?
Just a second!
Stop staring - just go in.
Maybe we'll go on foot?
What's this?
It's a strap.
It's a weapon.
The purpose of your trip?
A sight-seeing of architectural monuments.
In the ancient capital of Uzbekistan.
You know, I think I am late for my flight now.
Why do you going to Samarkand?
But your return-ticket says "tomorrow's morning".
Oh, yeah, yeah.
May I ask, how many monuments you'll
be trying to see during this night?
Just one.
Wait.No sleeping at the workplace!
Excuse me, is it to Samarkand?
Thank you.
Where to? Where are you going to?
Sit down, please. We're take off soon.
Go out of the plane.
Miss, sit down.
Ok, ok. You can proceed.
Haven't you have these barbariskas candies in stock?
We have it. Just sit down.
Thank you so much.
I'm not let you stray one step from me anyway.
- Fasten your seatbelt.
- Yeah.
Tower, I'm 593th. All systems go.
593th you are clear for taking-off from Runway 3.
Good weather conditions. Headwind -- 7 m/s.

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