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Дневной дозор

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What about you?
He is weird.
I have an impression that he fears me.
Well, no, not like a woman but...
actually it's no a fear, but most like...
most like...
But he keeps a distance from me.
Yes, that kind of thing.
No wonder - you'll be a great magician in the future,
but he have just a third category with great reserve.
But first of all - I'm a woman,
and I don't care about his category at all.
I love him, and...
Ah! Carefully!
Are you crazy?!
You know, it's not my business of course,
but I want you to say - do you hear me?
I think, he loves... he very loves you too! Very!
But he is afraid. He is afraid that some day...
you'll find yourself too far away!
But some day we all will find ourselves too far away!
But I'm so close RIGHT NOW.
Come on, come on! You're close but only right now. Come on.
It's close right now.
Misses, are you alright?
We'll give you a help. Just be easy.
After that I called him at the night.
After that I called him at the night.
Come in. He was not at home.
Then I called on his cellphone and he hung up on me.
Well... Maybe he is busy?
Or he is dating with another woman?
He had no women since...
Well, it's just a complexes then.
Biocomplex - it's truly magical way
to slow down your ageing process.
With biocomplex.
Your sexual motivation is growing.
- Wow, such a...
- Thank you.
Why you look at me that way?
I'm going to a shower.
You can boil the kettle, if you want it.
Look, why he had no woman over last 12 years?
It's strange.
"Why, why..."
You know, Sveta.
Oh, how can I convey this to you? Jesus.
Sometimes there is a moments...
then suddenly your life is ruins once and for all.
Why forever?
- Olya!
- What?
Fetch me a towel, please. It's in the wardrobe.
I'm not Olga, I'm...
What? What you just say?
I can't hear you.
What are you doing?
I'm not Olga - I'm Anton.
I love you.
What's with you?
What's with you?
I'm not Olga. I'm Anton.
They switched our bodies.
How dare you? You're... You're bastard!
How dare you to did this?!
You just set all this things up! Deliberately!
Get out of here! I don't want to see you!
Go away! How did... How dare you anyway?
You used me!
How you... Anyway, how dare you?
You're crazy, you heard? And... go away!
Go away and close the door!
Eh, he was just about to reaching it.
Sergey Fyodorov was just about it.
But he still have the puck.... A pass! He is missing...
Go, go, go. Come on, come on. Go!
Our team is risking right now.
He left it. This game is ours.
Come on, come on. Go, go, go!
They're stupids, yeah?
So, what are they doing?
What are they doing?
I guess, someone gave me a promise to spare this body.
I didn't do anything bad for it, do i?
The organism is in a perfect condition.
For every new 100 grammes of weight
she'll tear out 100 grammes of your meat.
The lower one is out of order.
I say "hi"...
Hi, vampirito.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Good boys!
The men can contrive anything to the only purpose
and they don't want to fulfil their promises.
What promises?
I thought, you wanted to take me in the restaurant.
But I'm not allowed...
I need your son.
Hi, Kostyik.
Let's go?
Who is it?
Maybe you know, where is Gorodetskiy?
We can't find him anywhere.
That's sad.
We think that he had changed his body with a woman.
You know, another people are such a maggots...
For you. For this your story fastest solution.
Hey, look - it's Dark one.
Who's say that? No, he is not a Dark one.
That boy at the VDNH - he should be very
close to you, am I right?
You are helping him as hard as you can.
Is that your current mission - to split me up?
And once again I have to say that you are a stupid.
He comes for sucking somebody's blood.
Or for making an evil spells.
What do you want?
Can you recognize HIM into another's body?
I don't know. I never tried that.
Into my body, for example...
Are you married?
Yes. Your car is the coolest.
Дневной дозор Дневной дозор

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