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night and...
who can confirm your alibi.
Miss, may I have this ball?
Say me student, what are you studying for?
I'll be a biologist.
Do you want to learn how you
can live without human's blood?
You're cute. What a pity that you're vampire.
If not, there can be friendship between us.
But now we can't? Because i'm a vampire.
Well, why not...
Don't be angry. Tell me one thing...
did you saw you friend - your neighbour, yesterday?
Why you thought that he is my friend?
I didn't blame you at all - you can do all what you want.
Because you a Dark Other.
You can be on friendly terms even with the Light ones.
Thanks, you're very witty.
Last night, Galina Rogova was killed
on the porch of her apartment.
So, what I can deal with it?
She has a 5-year-old daughter.
Last night I saw her talking with Gorodetskiy.
Thank you.
What do you want?
Last night Rogova had a meeting with Gorodetskiy.
How do you know?
There was a eye-witness.
M-m-m... Vampirito. I mean "little vampire".
How did you get it?
Come to me, I missed you.
Bring me Gorodetskiy.
At the time then Rogova was killing,
Gorodetskiy was breaking into archives.
So, he's got the alibi.
But he'll never admit it and it will
be the wise step for him.
Then we will have to give him to the Dark ones.
What will they do with him then?
I don't know, but they don't take him alive.
You know what to do?
Did you saw a chief today?
Sit down.
I'm sorry, Olga, but i have to do it.
Do what?
I understand.
But I DON'T understand...
What is it? What are you doing?
Sorry, Anton, but you would never agreed on that.
Everything will be ok.
Hi. May I see Gesser?
Get out of me with your Gesser.
Anton, get back! I'm not dismissed you yet!
What we gonna do with voice timbre?
It's easy. Just try, you can made it.
Yeah, right
Yeah, right! You converted me into a transvestite...
What exactly you don't like?
I wonder how you, the poor man, are walking at all.
Now, Anton, remember that: I don't smoking.
The lipstick on your lips got smeared.
Should I fix it?
No, I cope with it by myself.
Remember another thing: do not put any stuff into
your pockets you have a handbag for this.
No stooping, no stooping, you're a woman!
Tell me, why my ass is wagging?
It's the one of old reflexes.
- But you're just a...
- Quite, quite, quite, quite.
Hi there, Boris Ivanovich.
Well hello, hello.
May I come in?
How long I must live like that?
A day or two or three. Until we'll find the murder.
And where I suppose to living?
Just call to one of the guys - settle it up.
I know - I can live at Semyon apartment!
Semyon! May I live at you for a while?
- When do you want to move in?
- Today.
No, no chance.
Well, I'm sorry then.
Maybe it'll be better for you at Svetlana?
It's a good idea.
But what should I tell her?
You can tell that you have no sleep here
because Boris Ivanovich is snoring all the nights.
I'm snoring?
Okay now. Now you knew how's
working an identification of objects...
Okay now.
Now you knew how's working an identification of objects...
through some physical barrier.
Svetlana, please, show us the magic of introscopy.
Who is waiting behind the door?
It is Anton Gorodetskiy.
Hi there.
I'm terribly sorry, I...
Please, come in, Olga.
It's a big honour for us.
We just studying the base knowledges of introscopy.
Maybe you'll show us something, while you're here.
Just a little? A little something?
Maybe in the next time. I have no time right now.
I'm sorry - I'm for a moment.
Can I take Svetlana with me?
Are you smoking?
Poor Sveta. What she will do with him now?
Let's go.
Listen, Anton must come soon.
He is not come.
How did YOU know that?
He is a very busy right now.
But we was about to coming in a restaurant together.
Well, sorry. It's not a good time for restaurant.
Let's go, I'll tell you all, after that.
Can I ask you something?
Uh-huh. You can.
Do you like Anton?

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