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I forgot.
So, tomorrow...
Absolutely. At 7 o'clock.
Now I forbid you to have an informal
relationship with any probationer.
It's too late, Boris Ivanovich. It's too late.
Thank you very much.
Assalam aleykum, Zoar.
Anton, she'll be a Great one soon,
but there is no room for TWO Great
ones next to VDNH-metro-station.
You mean, the second Great one - it is me?
No, Anton. I mean it is your son.
If he bumps into Sveta, then whole world will
plunge into darkness.
You know what it looks like:
you are the LIGHT ONE, but you drink a DARK beer?
Such a nice talking.
You'll need to eat, Egor.
Tomorrow will be the great day for you.
Chew it.
But what will be tomorrow?
Tomorrow we will have many guests.
Granma Dasha was just released.
Wheh she'll come, she'll meet you with Mashen'ka.
The presents. Well? What do you want?
You are too young for this.
I don't want to.
If you don't want to - we'll teach you,
if you can't do it - we'll force you.
On his deathbed, Tamerlan instructed us to bury him
with his hands clenched into fists.
And his will was perfomed.
I want to take this ravioli with me, Zoar, I will go home.
Can You wrap this up for me?
No, it's huge!
Hey, it's "Famous Lives"!
If he had MY life.
On one side, the son who makes the world darker,
on the other side, the girlfriend who's blinding
with her talents.
You know, this Tamerlan had some problems with his son too.
Zoar, what kind of problems he could had with his son?
Tell me?
His son was killed.
Maybe you should stop drinking now, Anton-jan,
if you don't want to get yourself
into trouble on the way home.
You're pure gold, Zoar.
How much should I pay?
100 rubles.
I'm drunk today.
However, many long years the interment
site of Tamerlan was remaining unknown.
In 1941, under the direction of academician Gerasimov,
was organized a scientific expedition to Samarkand.
But a war hampered to the scientists.
Any information about that expidition was lost...
in many archieves and specialty
libraries which devoted to Central Asia.
What a bullshit.
Listen to me carefully, Gorodetskiy.
He will slide in the trouble - he will be un-incarnated.
Wrong number.
You ought to be ashamed!
After all, you're father.
Tomorrow will be Egor's birthday.
Do you remember it at least?
You should make a present to your son.
What a present?
- A cappy.  I mean, little cap.
- A cappy? Which one?
A dark one.
There is a lot of cappy like that in Moskow, you know?
I can't help you with anything.
Help ME?
Then I'll write a letter to the Inquisitor.
You can write it to anybody.
You all need to be smashed!
Today we've got a very hard rival.
And all our country is watching football
on the TV screen right now.
A risky moment! A punt!
And, instantly, they make a retaliatory attack.
A long pass!
Hey! Hey you, hound!
Yes, it is unexpectedly.
Two periods by 45 minutes,
and then the series of eleven-metre penalty kick.
So, we diluted the count - 1:2.
And our team is attacking again.
Pass! Kick it now! Go-o-al!
A big intrigue!
The most strained moment of today's meeting.
The primary objective is no
proceeding into defence - no way.
We must continue a risking but
we should do it very carefully.
I ask permission for an expedition to Samarkand-town...
with the subject of expidition -
opening the tomb into architectural monument Gur-Emir.
According to our investigation,
in that tomb was buried a military leader Tamerlan...
with the Chalk of Fate in his right hand.
Gesser. 19th june.
The last seconds of the game,
and our guys are continuing their attack.
4:2. This victory costs the killed
nerve cells not only for the players,
but for all of us too.
But we all can relax now.
See you later! Take care.
Eh, sheepskin.
You know, Alisa,
he looked at me so strange that I was scared.
- You

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