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What the heck are you doing?
You're supposed to sitting in the car, aren't you?
Why you always shout at me?
And then he stabs under shoulder-blade
with something like a needle.
And then, as I bent over...
Freeze! Freeze!
That's better, yeah? Wait. I'll be back, be back.
Shit, bitches, all of them belted off.
Off the road!
Off the road!
Freeze! Freeze!
Freeze! Freeze!
Get back.
Come here.
Behind you!
Behind you!
Get back.
Behind you!
Freeze! Don't go away.
Get back.
What does this initiative mean?
Why did they stop me? I almost had him.
I'll take care of him by myself, alright?
How do you know him?
He's my friend.
But he is a Dark one.
Dark or Light - doesn't matter.
How did it happen with you?
There are enough good people in the world.
You'll do what I say, while you wearing this ring.
I feel pain.
You feel pain?
But we're gonna die in a day.
Sign this, please.
What is it?
A contract.
No, you don't have any contract with us yet.
Not with you.
This about renting of the hall.
How much?
$1000. Per hour.
Have you no shame?
Time's change.
It should not be long.
What's happen?
Those were your words, that only
Greaters can enter second level of gloom.
Give me a weapon. Give me!
You made a promise. Let me go.
A few minutes ago, next to VDNH metro-station,
the murder of a human was prevented.
A Dark one had ambushed the woman, in broad daylight.
Are you arrested him?
Well, "no" isn't much good!
But we have an exhibit.
What exhibit?
Got you!
Who is she?
Rogova, don't tell me you've never told
your wards about the punishment for killing people?
They can't prove a thing!
Where is the cap?
And this is all we've got, yeah?
What does he look like?
I can't remember, you know.
- You really can't?
- Nah.
Ok, I'll pass it on to the lab - they'll make it out.
Let's go.
Anton, give me your car keys,
I haven't travelled by the Metro in 49 years.
Keys? Just keys?
Come on, come on.
So, how are you feeling?
How do you feel?
You need to get some food.
Let's go and eat something.
Why you didn't warn me that he's your friend?
And what're we gonna do now?
Where are you going?
Maybe we should steal this damn cap?
Oh. You still like those bums.
You're wrong! They are pure donors!
I might ask you about something.
They gave a blood license to my son.
He isn't drinking at all - you know it.
The Night Watch lab is already closed.
Where are they keeping
the exibits during the nighttime?
In the archive.
You have until morning.
But how can I get in there?
Double quick.
He wasn't at home so I signed it instead of him.
And now I don't know, how I'm supposed to tell him.
Do you want to say that he's not the innate?
No. He bit him by himself.
Then he had pneumonia!
Bilateral pneumonia!
And his mother had pneumonia too.
That's all right.
Give him a respite.
I know, you can do it. And I'll do all you want...
All you need.
What do you need?
It's illegal.
Do you understand?
What's to understand?
How we can NOT capture that cap from Night Watch archives?
You know why.
It needs to attach one of your parents!
So what, public catering,
do you have anything to eat for your baby?
Go quick, quick! Hurry up!
Take it. Drink it.
You must.
Hallo? Hello. Galina Rogova?
It's Egor teacher.
I'm calling because your son had missing his cap.
Wrong number.
There are a lot of caps like this in Moscow!
Good girl. You'll go far.
You can enter the second level of gloom.
No, I won't go far.
I'll just barely stick my hand there.
Can we make an order?
Didn't you order before?
I can't remember.
Why you so muddy?
You muddier than me.
Hello, Boris Ivanovich.
Boris Ivanovich!
What are you doing here?
We're waiting for the ravioli.
But you're supposed to be in the

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