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gmailWhy the wind is coming?
To cover up our footsteps.
So noone can think that we are
still alive.
It was a long time ago, and nowadays nobody
remembers the battle on the bridge of justice...
when the warriors of Light fought
against the warriors of Dark.
Nobody remembers the bloodshed.
And about how the heart of Great Gesser
couldn't endure it, and he stopped that battle.
But some day, the night will become
longer than the day.
...and a new Great one will come, and
world will be enshrouded in darkness.
And then nothing but the Chalk of Fate
can save us.
And this chalk was kept in an
impenetratable fortress,
and everyone who tried to find the
chalk, died in an endless labyrinth.
And there was no other outcome.
But only before Tamerlan came for the
North Iran. Army of Tamerlan
Spare me! I haven't done anything bad to you!
Chalk is there!
Greetings Tamerlan, hard and merciless.
I shall rule the destiny of worlds
You do not own even YOUR destiny
What shall I write?
What to write?
And WHAT do you want?
To live.
So write it.
Chalk is there.
You have already told me this
Since that day Tamerlan never made any
other irreparable mistakes.
Are you interested?
Probationer Nazarova, put this book in
it's place, please.
Do you think that the chalk really
Why, you want to fix something?
Get your knee out of me, please.
Listen, why do you always say rude
things to me?
That's it! Get your knee off me, please!
You know, I'm hungry.
If you want, I'll invite you to a
Which one?
That one - a chinese one.
A chinese one?
OK. Tomorrow. At 6... no, 7 o'clock.
Really? - Really.
I'll ask you again tomorrow.
Right, ask me tomorrow.
If nothing strange happens.
VDNH. Is anybody in that region?
Gorodetsky, 5 minutes away from you.
There's a person being attacked.
Some old lady again. It's the same
signature: he used the charged needle.
He stabbing her in the back.
Needle came down through the shoulder
- blade and reached the vertebrae capillary net.
What is that.
What is that.
The criminal sucks vital energy
from victim's body.
We can't identify him.
Be careful, he's dangerous.
I can't go in there right now - i'm
with probationer.
1485th accepted message. We're moving to
the location.
What's with you?
Thanks, Anton. I knew you couldn't
reject it.
Fertile bastards! We need to smash them.
Don't enter the gloom by yourself ok?
Don't make any quick moves. Breathe deeply.
Don't EVER think of going into the second level.
What's on the second level?
I don't know. I've never been there.
People say there are mosquitos.
None of the mosquitos can live there
But Boris Ivanovich really said - they
Well, if Boris Ivanovich said so - it
must be true!
So, all I have to do is light it by
flashlight. Push on that button...
And what's that button do?
Here she is!
What the heck are you doing?
You're supposed to sit in the car,
aren't you?
Why you always shout at me?
And then he stabs under shoulder-blade
with something like a needle.
And then, as I bent over...
Freeze! Freeze!
That's better, yeah? Wait. I'll be back,
be back.
Shit, bitches, all of them belted off.
Off the road!
Off the road!
Freeze! Freeze!
Freeze! Freeze!
Get back.
Come here.
Behind you!
Behind you!
Get back.
Behind you!
Freeze! Don't go away.
Get back.
What does this initiative mean?
Why did they stop me? I almost had him.
I'll take care of him by myself,
How do you know him?
He's my friend.
But he is a Dark one.
Dark or Light - doesn't matter.
How did it happen with you?
There are enough good people in the
You'll do what I say, while you wearing
this ring.
I feel pain.
You feel pain?
But we're gonna die in a day.
Sign this, please.
What is it?
A contract.
No, you don't have any contract

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