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Дикая охота короля Стаха

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hasn't told you.
Come on, l'll give you something
to eat.
The Journal of lgnati Gacievic,
manager of Marsh Firs.
lt seems to me
that the first step to achieving
my goal
should be the victory over that
towards which my body is striving -
the mistress
of Marsh Firs.
Though she is stronger
than l had thought.
She hasn't lost her mind yet.
And l'm still jealous
of all young men,
and especially of this Bielarecki.
lt would be much better for him
to have disappeared as soon as
Today at the tavern
l watched
a puppet show
with insulting references
to King Stach.
l'm afraid that the actors' prophesies
will result in the vengeance of
the Savage Hunt.
My mistress's birthday
proved to me that...
...King Stach had proclaimed himself
the castle's master.
...proved to me that King Stach had
proclaimed himself the castle's master.
lt seems he's also convinced
there is gold in the cellars.
Thousands of panegyrics could be sung
to your power over people's souls.
You are everything: friendship, love,
the body of a woman,
the brain of the greatest geniuses,
even the decent hole in the earth.
An hour ago l intercepted a letter
addressed to Bielarecki.
Somebody wants to tell him
the truth about my brother.
l must put a stop to this. l'm going.
l'm going...
Here they come!
Here they come, the murderers!
l know them!
They've come for me, l...
Dubotowk, open up!
Dubotowk, open the door, please!
Open up!
Open the door! lt's me, Varona!
Dubotowk, open up!
lt's me, Varona!
Dubotowk, open the door!
Dubotowk! Dubotowk!
lt's him! He's the murderer!
He's behind the whole
masquerade! l swear!
Those horses gallop to his
voice, like dogs!
Beware, you rats!
No one of you shall remain alive!
l'll slaughter you and your children!
You want my soul, you devils?
l'll have your souls!
You, Bielarecki!
You'll burn in hell!
King Stach!
To my rescue!
Oh, King Stach!
ln the name
of his lmperial Majesty,
l arrest you
for inciting a revolt.
Wear something warm.
lt's a very long trip.
And the papers write it's freezing
in the capital.
Have you been to St. Petersburg before?
l attended the University there.
And l've never been there.
Are you unwell?
No, l'm fine.
Yet you shouldn't...
You shouldn't have come.
You know what?
Do you realize that today is
the first day of the 20th century?
Yes! Yes!
January the first,
1901 !
Extraordinary, isn't it?
The End
Дикая охота короля Стаха

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