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Дикая охота короля Стаха

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let us change places.
Put yourself in my position,
and you would understand.
Excuse me, but l saw
with my own eyes...
You saw what?
lt's not for a respectable member
of the lmperial Geographic Society
at the Academy of Russia
to believe, pardon me...
Would you like an advice from
a friend?
Don't play with fire.
You're lucky to deal with me.
But some petty official...
would be very suspicious
of your acquaintance with...
the deceased,
who was notorious for...
Well, you understand me.
You know what strikes me?
lt's your insistence
on leading the investigation
away from the person of the victim
and to some inexistent in reality
participants of the case,
some mythical werewolves.
l have the impression that the police,
instead of looking for the murderer,
is trying to close the case.
And they're doing it deliberately,
as though having such instructions.
l'm not denying the possibility that
there might be something rotten
in the state of Denmark.
l hope my words won't be
heard outside this room.
But your ill-wishers,
and l'm sure there are such,
are likely to take your comments
as a criticism of the state.
But on the contrary,
l mean to appeal
to the state myself.
Going to the capital?
Let me try
to dissuade you.
Strictly speaking,
l shouldn't have put my cards
on the table yet,
but l think you will
understand me correctly.
A letter was found in the pocket
of Gacievic, after he was murdered.
The letter was addressed to you.
- To me?
- To you.
''Dear Mr. Bielarecki,
l know little
about the Savage Hunt.
Nevertheless l can tell you something
of interest about it.
l can throw some light on the mystery
of some dark events in your house.
lt seems to me you're searching in
the wrong place, dear brother.''
- What?
- Dear brother.
Dear brother.
''You should search in the very castle
of Miss Janowska, damn it.
lf you wish to know something about
the Little Man of Marsh Firs,
come today at 9 p.m. to the old
cross, where the ford begins,
and l will tell you wherein
the root of the fatal events lies.''
Who wrote you this letter?
How did Gacievic have it?
And what's more to the point,
what is your involvement in his death?
l could ask you
many other questions,
but l won't ask them now.
lnstead, l'll give you some advice.
Run from our region as quickly as
you can.
Believe me, l'll be happy
to meet you again some day,
but under different, more
agreeable, circumstances.
it would mean a prison for you.
And you'll be lucky
if it's only a provincial prison.
Lambs and shepherds
Before little children,
They bend their knees,
Glorifying our Christ.
And we, too, in our midst
Sing glory to Christ.
Good day, ladies and gentlemen!
For whom is this throne intended?
ls it for me,
the terrible King Stach?
For you, Your Majesty!
ln that case,
summon Death!
Please, gentlemen, step aside,
King Stach will begin his rite!
And now...
Summon the one l love
as a brother, Roman Janowski.
Good day, Your Majesty!
Why have you called me?
Give me your beautiful daughter
to be my wife, dear brother.
l can't, Your Majesty,
she's the only one l have.
- l want only one, only her.
- Not for the world!
Then you must give me
you golden castle.
Don't even ask!
- Will you give me a ruble?
- You're not even worth a kopeck.
Then cut his head off!
A bird in the man!
And now, bring
his beautiful daughter.
l hear you and l obey.
Where's my beloved father?
Your father, that was his own wishes,
decided to stay in the marshes.
Before that, he commanded
that you become my wife,
take me to your castle
and give me a ruble.
l would rather die
than become your wife.
Cut off her head!
Give me at least a year!
A year to live!
- Not even a month!
- A day, then.
- Not even an hour!
- Give me one minute!
Not even a second!
lt won't fly.
Fly! Go on!
Fly! Damn...
And who are you, my dear friend?
Дикая охота короля Стаха Дикая охота короля Стаха

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