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Дикая охота короля Стаха

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Sir, kind sir.
May God give you health, sir.
And may God punish those
who drive people from the land.
And who drove you off?
Where are your parents?
They killed them.
Killed them?
Who killed them?
We screamed, wept,
didn't want to go away.
And at night came
the Savage Hunt of King Stach,
and drove us to the swamp.
Those who screamed, they disappeared.
Nobody screamed any more.
The Savage Hunt?
My husband was taken
alive up to heaven.
The first among men
after the prophet Elijah.
But Roman Janowski...
fell into the nether regions.
All due to...
the evil genius of our parts.
The Savage Hunt.
You very much resemble...
my deceased...
Come in, please.
l've long been awaiting you.
The thing is... the thing is that...
my slave Ryhor turned out to be
a murderer.
Like Bluebeard.
You remember our reading together
about Giles the Bluebeard?
Such a gallant cavalier?
l'd have forgiven Ryhor if...
he'd murdered just as gallantly,
but he's a serf...
Who are you?
You're King Stach!
Away with you!
Why are you here?
Don't you see that she's a bit
not in her right mind?
Mrs. Kulsa, this is not King Stach.
He is Fieldmarshal Kaminski.
He's come to take a look at
our well-known local beauty.
And King Stach is this one,
in the portrait.
He's very dead
and cannot kill anyone.
- Take it, highly respectable lady.
- No.
Only godly bread is pure.
Help me.
You're Ryhor, aren't you?
Mrs. Kulsa's coachman?
l'm a hunter. Here l'm a coachman,
a cook, a watchman.
Why don't you take her to
the district center for treatment?
l pity her.
She's not always like that.
lt comes and goes.
But mostly she's all right.
She doesn't want much,
but she eats a lot of bread.
Sometimes she bites my fingers.
When l give her bread,
she grabs it.
But she wasn't bad when young.
Even if she were bad,
we couldn't leave her to herself.
Ryhor, l came to ask you
about something.
Ask away.
l've never seen
a ghost in my life.
l want to feel it
with my own hands.
Aren't you frightened of them?
They came to visit my mistress.
Since then they won't leave her alone.
They got long arms.
That's why l have to protect her.
l, too, have long wanted
to get at those spooks.
lf you're notjoking, let's get
But if you've come to betray me, your
stay will not be long on this earth.
Ryhor is not afraid of anybody.
And Ryhor has friends.
And l shoot well.
So, if anything, l'll kill.
As for feeling those ghosts
with your own hands,
fine ghosts they are
if their horses leave very real
excrement along the road.
lf so, we can feel them, not only
with our hands, but with a whip too.
Has Nadzieja Janowska
often been here?
Her father gave her permission once,
but then he had second thoughts, went
after her and was never seen again.
The poor girl was invited by
my husband, Mr. Kulsa.
You're such a knight, Mr. Fieldmarshal,
that l shall tell you everything.
King Stach himself... made...
my husband
invite Nadzieja Janowska.
Yes, King Stach.
My poor husband told me this.
Oh God, you'd better keep silent.
We've heard enough about that now.
He was such a good man...
Throughout that night...
the poor man was crying...
like a baby...
and in the morning...
he ascended alive up in heaven.
They drowned him in the marshes.
ls it true that...
Nadzieja Janowska...
that her father waits for her
in heaven?
Give me a hand.
Record this. lgnati Gacievic,
the estate manager, has been murdered.
Drive on.
You? What happened?
At the old cross, where Gacievic
was murdered, l met somebody.
''What are you doing here,
Mr. Sviecilovic?'' he asked me.
''Searching for yesterday's day,''
l answered jokingly.
''ls it possible to find yesterday's
day in today's?''
''Yesterday's day hangs round
all our necks,'' l said.
''What do you mean?''
''The King Stach's Savage Hunt,
which came to today's
Дикая охота короля Стаха Дикая охота короля Стаха

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