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Дикая охота короля Стаха

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peculiar person,
to say the least.
Not everyone was born a hero.
Frankly, l'm afraid.
l'm afraid of this fall season.
Three times already the Savage Hunt
has appeared under these windows.
You realize now
that you must leave our house.
Death waits behind these windows.
Look, a little aspen tree
has run out into the field.
They will be the first to be covered
with snow and broken by the wind.
Somehow they remind me
of humans.
People ascend the cross and
go to the stake just like this.
They know only that
a person mustn't be like that.
lt's no good promising him pie
in the sky.
He needs to have happiness now,
in this life,
under this gloomy skies.
And they're more courageous
than Christ.
They know that there's no
resurrection after the crucifixion.
lf l could hang with them,
even by a rib from the hook,
just to prevent
King Stach's Savage Hunt tearing
across the land at a mad pace.
The Savage Hunt of King Stach...
To stop that barbarity in the people's
which breeds fear of their own
shadow, gloom, madness, death.
Who is that? Do you know her?
Yes, it's Mr. Kulsa's widow.
She's also Nadzieja Janowska's aunt
and her direct heir.
lf anything should happen
to Janowska,
she'd inherit the castle.
Well, her or Dubotowk.
He's her uncle, her guardian,
and God knows what else.
What do you mean?
l trust nobody now.
lncluding that coachman
who has been too solicitous
about his mistress lately.
Since the time
her husband had disappeared.
l suspected even you.
Or rather began to suspect,
but l caught myself in time.
Why not?
Your presence in the house
might look suspicious.
And why not suppose that you
yourself are King Stach?
- Me?
- Yes.
Yes, yes.
You're throwing dust in my eyes,
pretending to suspect someone.
What about yourself?
Mr. Bielarecki.
Where are you?
Bielarecki, where are you?
Where are you, Mr. Bielarecki?!
You're fortunate...
The bone isn't touched.
You're going to be fine.
And you were saying
that l could have been King Stach.
Miss Janowska, may l invite
Gacievic to dine with us?
Mr. Gacievic, we'd be pleased
if you'd come and join us.
Thank you, but l've already dined.
Who's there?
- Come in.
- Pardon my late visit.
l supposed
you weren't sleeping yet.
l beg your pardon, l had decided,
so to speak, to satisfy my appetite.
Please, go on.
Oh, it's unthinkable!
To eat in the presence of such
a respectable gentleman, l just cannot.
Have you never noticed what
an unpleasant sight is a person eating?
lt's disgusting!
There's a striking resemblance
in all people at those minutes
to some kind of animal.
This one... guzzles like a lion.
That one champs
like the animal
the prodigal son pastured.
l never eat in the presence of anybody.
l'm listening to you.
Tell me, isn't there
any secret place
in the old wing of the house?
A secret place?
The entire house is some kind of
a secret.
You mean...
l mean a hidden room
with a secret entrance,
where, l beg your pardon...
where a fifth dweller
might be hiding.
l don't know.
There must be a secret personal
archive of the Janowskis.
But where is it? lt's not
indicated on the castle's plan.
l don't know.
Have you found
any secret place?
But l don't rule out
the possibility of its existence.
Not necessarily.
Every schoolboy
knows today
that the famous ghost of
the Lyubomirski castle in Dubrovna
proved to be just an old vessel
with gold coins and mercury.
Some prankster had it
sealed up in the chimney.
And as the heat of the day
changed to the nighttime coolness,
some terrible clinging sound and
noise was heard from the 2nd floor.
And of course, in the Middle Age
houses were built with hollow walls
so that the master could listen to
the talk of his servants and guests.
You mean to say...
l mean to say...
that such an educated man as you
should not
take some acoustic tricks
for supernatural
Дикая охота короля Стаха Дикая охота короля Стаха

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