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Дикая охота короля Стаха

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for 100 years
there was no escape from her.
lt was either a plague,
or a goblet of poison,
or death caused by nightmares.
- That's all.
- No, that's not all.
Not long ago, she has been
seen in our house again.
Everyone saw her,
l alone have not seen her.
This is her habit:
to appear to all, but to the person
she's after only at his death hour.
Our ancestors believed in werewolves,
witches, the devil knows what.
And there had always been people
who claimed they'd seen them.
But almost none of my ancestors
died a natural death.
This one in the red cloak was still
alive when they were burying him.
Our distant relative, Dostoyevskaya,
was condemned to death
for attempting to kill her stepson.
And this one, in the beaver coat,
had tortured to death
his cousin.
And my father?!
He was an atheist,
but he believed in the Little Man
until the very day when the Savage
Hunt put an end to him.
And l know that l shall die,
there's no way out for me.
The Little Man, the Lady-in-Blue
and the Savage Hunt...
lt will kill us,
the Savage Hunt of King Stach.
This is King Stach.
He was called so throughout this
lt is said that the royal blood
actually flowed in his veins.
An outstanding personality
for his time, by the way.
He sympathized with the mouzhiks,
promised to introduce reforms.
And mind you, that was in 1602.
The local peasants took
the oath of allegiance to him.
And only the distant ancestor
of our respected mistress,
Roman Janowski the Elder,
was not enthusiastic about him,
ensconcing himself to this castle
we're in now and keeping silent.
This is him, Janowski the Elder.
King Stach came to visit him.
As a token of friendship,
they mixed their blood in a goblet,
drank it, and kissed each other.
And after their successful hunt
for a marsh lynx,
they decided to feast at night
in the forest.
When all the hunters,
except the king, fell asleep,
Janouski took his sword with both
Like this.
He came up to King Stach and struck
him at the back of his head.
King Stach fell.
Yes, he fell... with his face
in the grass.
But by his last effort, he raised his
head and looked Roman in the eyes.
Roman struck him a second time.
Meanwhile, Janowski's men
killed King Stach's sleeping hunters,
strapped them and King Stach to their
saddles and drove off the horses.
And the bloody horsemen
rode on heedlessly
right to the swamp.
But there was a spark of life yet
in King Stach's body,
and for a long time his voice
was heard from the darkness:
''We shall not die!
We shall come to you!
And to your children.
And to your grandchildren.
l and my Hunt,
we shall avenge mercilessly
until the 20th generation.
And you won't be able to hide
from us.''
Two weeks after that,
strange things began to happen
to the people close to Roman Janowski.
Some went mad,
some just perished,
some drowned in the swamp.
They all died.
ln this way did Roman and his son
and the son of his son perish.
From that time...
many people saw in the peat-bogs
13 horsemen, strapped to their
saddles, headed by King Stach.
The Savage Hunt races on heedlessly
across the fatal quagmire,
across the forest, across the heather,
and it will ride as long
as the world lasts.
May God forgive us!
Well, l beg your pardon, but what
does the gentleman think of this?
The Little Man, the Lady-in-Blue,
and this Savage Hunt to boot.
The house has been surrounded from
without and within! May it be burned!
Don't blaspheme!
To be frank with you, l believe
neither in the Little Man,
nor in the Lady-in-Blue.
But everybody has seen them,
including you.
l haven't seen, l've heard them.
And the nature of the sound is unknown
to us.
Perhaps, it was an acoustic
illusion, or hallucinations.
She has seen him.
You know...
l cannot believe everything she says.
l think her poor head hasn't been
able to cope with all these horrors.
She's a
Дикая охота короля Стаха Дикая охота короля Стаха

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