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Дикая охота короля Стаха

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like mice under a hat?
Woe becomes only the crayfish.
Good day to you, my dear.
How graceful and beautiful
you have become!
All Belarus will lie at your feet.
Only your eyes are somewhat sad.
No matter, l'll make you merry!
Anton, you devil!
Hryska! Piatrus!
Here, place it in your bedroom.
The wind comes in there.
The feet of all the Janowskis
are weak ones.
But we're worldly people, we suffer
from overeating and too much drink.
Yet if God looks
into people's souls,
then your father now...
Although he was wont to pass
the church by but not the tavern.
Then your father
has been listening to the angels
in heaven now,
and looking into the eyes of
his poor wife, my cousin.
And they look at you from heaven
and see what a queen you've become.
You'll soon be getting married.
And off my hands. To the devil
with this guardianship!
But don't be in a hurry.
And now another present.
Hey, Vasil!
Vasil, bring it in!
Here, an old costume of our country.
A real one,
not some kind of an imitation.
And the last thing. Come on.
Sir, you consider it worthy
of a true aristocrat
to push a person aside
without begging his pardon?
- Are you addressing me?
- You.
A true aristocrat
is a gentleman, first of all.
You don't even know me.
l don't know and l don't want to know.
You're speaking with the man
who's in the habit
of pulling parvenus by the ear.
Hasn't it occurred to you that some
parvenus can pull your ears?
Gentlemen, calm yourselves.
Mr. Bielarecki!
Mr. Varona, don't!
You pup!
To insult a guest in such a way!
Don't you see whom you're picking
a fight with?
He's not one of our
chicken-hearted fools.
This is not a chick,
this is a man.
Ask your hostess to forgive you.
lt's nothing.
l beg your pardon for this
- Andrej Sviecilovic, a student.
- Bielarecki.
Actually, a former student
of the Kiev University.
l've just arrived,
like you.
Well, l've been here before,
but not for five years.
My God, what mediocrity.
ls it the beginning of a toast?
No, l'm serious.
We have never had any really
great thinkers among us.
Perhaps, it's for the better.
They're looking.
Looking at you, too.
They all belong to one gang here.
The old horse's riding
days are over.
Soon l'll be sent off to Abraham
to make beer out of me.
Why are you standing?
Come here.
A fine Polish gentleman you would
have made some hundred years ago.
But l'm curious to know whether you're
a serious person or a featherbrain.
Look here, young man, l invite
you to come to my place.
l got an interesting hut,
without any outlandish things.
Your visit should be interesting
for you.
- But, unfortunately...
- No buts!
l will not hear another word.
How can a guest of Marsh Firs,
a handsome fellow, eyes like steel,
strong hands, not come
and visit old Hryn Dubotowk?
ltjust can't be!
You come as well.
No, thank you, uncle dear, l'll remain
at home.
She's ruining herself.
Well, l shall be waiting for you.
You hear me?
She fainted.
A nervous breakdown.
lt's cold in here.
This is a horrible, damned house.
lt's sucking the life out of a person.
Do you hear it?
Do you hear?
lt's that Little Man.
He's here again!
He's after my soul!
The Little Man
of Marsh Firs.
He appears when somebody
must die a sudden death.
He came before my father died,
and two more times recently.
lt's impossible! There's no place for
in the age of steam and electricity.
You're wrong.
We have more ghosts
than live people.
This place is
a treasure-trove for you.
Mr. Gacievic...
Mr. Gacievic, tell Mr. Bielarecki
about the Lady-in-Blue.
- Calm yourself, l beg you.
- Come on, tell him.
All right.
The story about the Lady-in-Blue
is part
of this family's
old legends.
When they dragged her in 1501
to her execution, she shouted:
''My bones shall find
no peace until, l beg your pardon,
the last snake of this race
has perished!''
Go on.
All right.
And then
Дикая охота короля Стаха Дикая охота короля Стаха

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