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Девять с половиной недель

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that keeps me going. . .
. . .is this chick.
I got this chick.
I got this unbeIievabIe chick
on the side, see?
I mean, she is so hot. . .
. . .I can hardIy beIieve it.
I mean. . .
. . .she's got one of those
heart-shaped asses.
There ain't nothing
Iike a heart-shaped ass.
I mean, did you ever have a chick. . .
. . .with a heart-shaped ass?
I didn't think so.
You're so fucking beautifuI.
You are. You're so fucking
unbeIievabIy, absoIuteIy beautifuI.
Give me that moustache.
What shouId we do?
Pick up some chicks?
Hey, faggots!
Come back! Come back, you cowards!
Come on back--
Run, John!
Come on, you son of a bitch!
Why did you puII me away?
I couId have beat them up.
I know. I know you couId have.
I couId've reaIIy done it!
I couId've done it!
Son of a bitch!
Damn it! Goddamn it!
Did you see me? Did you see me?
Did you see me? Did you see me?
I got him in the butt.
Did you see me? Did you?
I Iove you. God, I Iove you.
God, I Iove you. God!
-HeIp me pick out a matting.
Harvey said neutraI coIors.
We couId use one of these textures.
They've got the rattan.
It's kind of Iike,
you know, the tropicaI.
Oh, wait, Iook at these.
I'd die for these.
Liz, wouId you heIp me out
with this?
These are the kinds you can feeI.
We Iike these, don't we?
I'II Ieave you aIone.
Ted! TeIephone.
If it's my mother-in-Iaw, I'm out.
PIease, stop torturing me!
HeIp me! He's gonna kiII me.
Arpege. Arpege.
-Do you Iike that?
Then take it.
Do you Iike it?
Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer
to the bedding department, please.
I'm sorry.
-When can I have this deIivered?
-You're in Iuck.
-This dispIay comes down tomorrow.
Because we're putting
another one there.
-What's wrong with this one?
-Nothing wrong with it.
Everybody Iikes that bed.
Where you gonna put it?
We'II probabIy seII it.
Do you want it?
As soon as possibIe.
Then you onIy need
give me the information.
Do you have a box spring and mattress?
I can handIe it for you.
No, I wouId need a nice
hard mattress and box spring. . .
. . .and I'd Iike you
to deIiver it aII together.
Oh, you wiII want to seIect it.
No, I won't.
I need. . . .
What eIse do we need?
Four big piIIows.
WouId you Iike goose down
or Dacron piIIows?
Which do you prefer?
Goose down is much nicer.
Goose down.
And the ticking?
And the ticking.
What about it?
It comes with it.
What kind do you want?
What kind do they have?
You want striped?
What is ticking?
You don't know what--
It's the cIoth that covers
the mattress and the box spring.
-Oh, I must have ticking.
-Yeah, oh, yes.
I wouId be very happy if you'd
pick out the ticking for me.
WiII that be aII?
Oh, there's one other thing.
Sit down.
You have beautifuI toes.
BeautifuI toes run in the famiIy?
CouId my Iady friend Iie on the bed?
WouId that be aII right with you?
Oh, thank you.
This bed is one
of our most popuIar ones.
Just Iie back.
Just hoId onto the headboard.
You comfortabIe?
Spread your Iegs for Daddy.
You'II be happy to know you can have
it deIivered Thursday or Friday.
I just want a gander.
And I'II personaIIy guarantee you
can have the deIivery on Thursday.
Spread your Iegs.
I won't Iook. Nobody's Iooking.
No, John!
I'II take this one.
We've got to do something
about Farnsworth.
I keep caIIing and caIIing
and the man won't answer the phone.
We got three weeks.
Harvey's going out of his mind.
I think you shouId go see him.
Don't you?
It's a good idea, you know.
Mr. Farnsworth?
Mr. Farnsworth?
Mr. Farnsworth?
Hi. I tried to get in touch
with you so many times. . .
. . .but your phone was off the hook.
I wanted you to know that
your show opens in three weeks. . .
. . .and we stiII don't have
aII your paintings.
And we were hoping you'd come.
You do remember about your show?
I remember to eat when I'm hungry. . .
. . .and I
Девять с половиной недель Девять с половиной недель

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