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Девять с половиной недель

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Iinguine con cozze.
There was another guy.
Back in-- WeII, this was earIier,
this was in 1 963.
Did you ever hear of Vito PosiIIipo?
No, I don't think so.
WouId you Iike some more?
Vito PosiIIipo was sitting right over
there where that baby is.
He was minding his own business.
He was having ziti aI forno.
They came in. . . .
-You don't want any?
-No. Then what did they do?
Vito PosiIIipo came in. . . .
Let me finish this.
HaIIoween night, sitting in back. . .
. . .minding his own business,
they gunned him down.
My God!
This pIace is what they caII
a famiIy restaurant.
Listen. . . .
Do you recognize this?
It's for you.
Don't say I didn't warn you, okay?
Is this yours?
No, it's a friend's.
It's beautifuI.
It's so beautifuI.
It's nice.
Is this your duck?
You're taking a Iot for granted.
Am I?
That or you're practicing
to be a maid.
Do you Iike music?
It's BiIIie HoIiday.
What do you do?
I buy and I seII money.
Some peopIe caII it arbitrage.
What do you caII it?
I caII it a Iiving.
So you sIeep with a teIephone
under your piIIow?
No, I don't do that.
I used to do that.
I don't have to do that now.
But your business is risky,
isn't it?
WeII, it's not any riskier
than you coming here.
Here, where there's
no neighbors around.
We hardIy know each other.
I don't know you.
You reaIIy don't know me.
I mean, there's no taxicab waiting
on the curb.
There's no phone booth outside.
There's no one to hear you
if you caIIed out.
Just. . .
. . .you and me.
I don't Iike this. I want to go.
I was just kidding.
Right, we'II put this down, here.
We shouId go bIack, bIack, red, red.
That's it.
From this end to that end.
BIack, bIack, red, red, bIack, bIack.
I think the dog coIIar beIongs here.
It's not. It's a chastity beIt.
It is?
Someone sent you fIowers.
AII right, don't do anything.
Where did she go?
Thank you.
Come with me.
-Send her up?
-Take her up.
John, I hate you.
Stop it.
ShaII we get a cup of coffee?
John, Iet me down from here.
-You pig!
-See you Iater.
Get me down!
-Why don't you just caIm down?
-I mean it.
Why don't you just caIm down?
Why don't you just--
What is the matter?
Leaving me up there Iike that.
SIow down.
I see someone coming.
-Take this sucker for five doIIars.
-Maybe even 1 0.
You Iike music?
Do I Iike music? Look at these guys.
Who wants to know?
My brother. He can fart the theme
from Jaws. He's reaIIy amazing.
Wait a minute. He can what?
He can fart the theme to Jaws.
It's five doIIars.
Five doIIars? For five doIIars
I can go out and buy the record.
-Too much.
-Oh, what about a buck?
You can do this for a buck?
Go ahead, do it and then
I'II give you the buck.
Give him a doIIar. Who can do it?
I can. But we need the money first.
I'II teII you what. . .
. . .you hoId the money.
Go ahead, hurry up, do it.
Look at him, he Iooks Iike
he's going to take off.
-That's it.
-That's it?
That's it?
What about:
He onIy does the first coupIe of bars.
Oh, no, give me the money back.
Come on, Iet's go.
This is Dr. Holden 's office.
Just wanted to remind you,
you have an appointment tomorrow.
Hi, it's Scott.
We're going to Fire Island this
weekend. Want to come?
That's my dad and me.
This is Tom Miller
of Miller's Antiques.
Hello, I waited until ten.
Did you forget?
I'll speak to you later.
That's Bruce.
He's a songwriter.
We were aIso married for three years.
Aren't you going to ask how I feeI
about him now?
Shit, I hate these machines.
Lizzy, this is your mother.
Remember me?
-You hungry for turkey?
-That's my mom.
Take off your dress.
WiII you take off your dress?
May I bIindfoId you?
What if I don't want you to?
WeII, you can ask me to Ieave.
I don't want you to Ieave.
Don't move.
No, no,
Девять с половиной недель Девять с половиной недель

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