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Девять дней одного года

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we don't see anyone...
Put on your coat, let's go.
I'm not dressed.
- Why not?
- I didn't have time.
Why did I have time?
What the cheek! I was heating water
for your car, I was frying eggs.
You drive in that car too.
- I'll dress while you're starting it.
- Hurry up.
Normal people walk.
- Do they really?
- Yes.
Very interesting information.
I wonder why women are
so crazy about getting married?
What's good in it?
Absolutely nothing.
- All right, I'll be there.
- Be sure to come.
Don't forget about
the party meeting at 5.
I can't.
Tomorrow's an academic conference.
- I need 15 minutes.
- After 2 o'clock.
- It's very important!
- After two.
- If you don't...
- Quiet, quiet.
If what?
If you don't come today at 3
for a blood transfusion,
I'll be asking the director
to ban you from work.
I'll come today
for a blood transfusion.
What are you talking about?
It was the war that had destroyed
the world's greatest civilizations.
There was time when war
did not need science.
And now it supports it
because it needs it.
So we ought to thank war. Very clever!
Stop smirking!
What do you think has promoted
the advancement of aviation, rocketry
and modern physics in general?
- War?
- Yes, war.
Good morning.
- What's the dispute about?
- Nikolai's singing a paean to war.
Don't try to place a political
bomb under me.
Seriously now, can you
lend me a fiver till the payday?
Of course!
Curie-Sklodowska herself moved
over 20 tons of uranium ore.
We've 300 people for one experiment,
and nobody's limiting us. Why?
What do we have to do with war?
Ours is the most peaceful institute.
Today you can't promote only one
field, everything's interconnected.
The world's on the brink of catastrophe
and you're trying to be witty about it.
On the brink of catastrophe? It means
something doesn't work in Sector 6.
What will happen to mankind
if the entire stockpile of
hydrogen bombs is blown up?
Why only mankind?
Even no lice will be left.
Then who needs your
cybernetics and radio electronics?
And, nonetheless, modern warfare
accelerates the development of science.
And this is the most poisonous
paradox of our time.
You're an amazing man!
- Good morning, Dmitri Alexeyevich.
- Good morning.
Sector 6 is trying to prove that
they have everything under control.
Leave the chronotron alone.
I know more about it than you.
It's no way to solder.
I'm a physicist, not a tinsmith.
Put the soldering iron down.
A physicist, by the way, should
solder better than a tinsmith.
We're starting it up in 2 hours.
I'll have everything ready.
- Dmitri Alexeyevich.
- Yes, coming.
He came home late at night,
when she was already asleep.
They saw each other only in the morning
when she served him breakfast.
What's going on between us?
What is it?
Obviously, he doesn't need me.
He almost doesn't notice me,
as if I'm not here...
It's all so stupid.
Can I really make porridge out of this?
It's just that you're a cold, shallow,
conceited, unkind woman.
With whims.
Some bungler! Oh, what a bungler!
What else?
And not very clever.
People believe you're clever,
because you're a woman.
And if you were a man,
they would've taken you for a fool.
And what else?
No, it's enough.
Mitya! Get up, it's time.
Is the porridge good?
It's all right.
- Mitya.
- What?
Mitya, tell me the truth. Am I stupid?
Well... I'm mean, I'm...
Lyolya, why all this?
- Why don't you eat?
- I'm not hungry.
You must eat.
Where did you get this frock?
I've been wearing it every day for
a month now.
Very nice frock.
All right, get ready, let's go.
I'm not dressed.
Lyolya, I can't wait for you today.
I'll walk.
- Sorry, but I really...
- I understand. You can go.
He's come back after all.
But I won't hurry.
I was afraid I won't catch you.
Mitya! It's me, Ilya!
Where are you?
Mitya's at the institute.
Девять дней одного года Девять дней одного года

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