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Девять дней одного года

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something happened.
We had to determine
the critical mass of liquid uranium.
At those times we did everything with
our bare hands on sheer enthusiasm.
I had plenty of enthusiasm,
much more than brains...
I don't even know how much I've
got then. I was as strong as a bull.
So this was the second time?
No one knows about it.
And they shouldn't.
Yes, I'm Goosev.
Admit that you're inventing this.
Right, I've just invented this.
Oh, how stupid you are!
Don't bury me yet.
I got away with it this time.
Another hundred roentgens, and
that's the end?
- I must be careful not to get them.
- With your character?
Sintsov has completed his work.
I must complete mine.
I need one year.
And after that?
I don't want to think about after.
It's absurd.
Goosev, will it be easier for you
if I'm with you that year?
It's an unnecessary luxury.
But you need a woman.
I'm better than any other,
at least for you.
Let's say I've fully appreciated
your noble impulse.
But it's a quarter to two already,
I've had enough.
What a boor you are!
Comrades, I want to go to bed.
We've already decided everything.
We're getting married
and I'm flying with him.
Are you kidding?
Just look at the bride.
What a charming creature.
She's not a creature,
she's a physicist.
Too good to be true.
- Do physicists come like that?
- No, they don't.
I feel so silly being
a bride at my own wedding.
I haven't married you yet,
so you have an opportunity
to change your mind.
- Honest?
- Honest.
- All right.
- What?
We're not getting married, we were
never going to. It was a joke.
- And the cost of the dinner...
- Will be deducted.
From your salary.
Not funny!
What is Goosev doing?
Uniting regulated
reactions of synthesis and decay.
Oh, I see.
No, you don't see.
Do you have any idea of
what a hydrogen bomb is?
Yes, I do.
Goosev wants to take that energy
and make it work.
A bomb?
Not exactly.
Have you ever heard of deuterium?
- Of course I have.
- And what is it?
How shall I explain it...?
Roughly speaking, it's heavy water,
it exists in every liquid.
This glass of mineral water
contains about 30 mg of deuterium.
You can drink it, it's not poisonous.
Comrades, may I have
your attention, please?
Quiet, comrades! Quiet!
He has a special toast.
This wedding
is a momentous event
for our House of Scientists
and for our entire town
which isn't on the map yet.
However, I'd like to drink now
not to Mitya personally,
and not even to his success.
I'd like to drink
to the great component
that he's introduced to his
Unfortunately, the time
limitation of a toast won't allow me
to give you a detailed
description of its construction,
but nonetheless I'll try
to catch its very essence.
Don't try to catch the essence
when drinking.
Then I'll let myself
dwell on the effect...
Don't dwell on the effect.
All right, then perhaps you
say something instead of me?
I will.
To the bride and the groom!
I think it's a very
original toast!
In all the liquid
absorbed at this wedding
there's no less than 15 grams of
That would be enough
to heat, illuminate
and provide with electricity
our town and institute for 2 weeks.
- With wine and mineral water?
- With regular water.
Spring, river,
sea water, whatever.
My goodness, how simple it is!
Very simple.
Mitya, may I leave
the table for a minute?
- Are you out of your mind?
- I need to.
You must be patient.
No one will notice.
Be patient.
Dear friends! Comrades!
Allow me to hold your
attention for a few minutes.
We're looking at our
typical young scientist.
An ordinary Soviet man.
With his ordinary
Soviet bride.
And yet the problem
Dmitri Alexeyevich
is working on
does not only have gigantic
energy prospects.
Don't be nervous, eat your salad,
I'm not going to reveal any secrets.
This problem goes beyond
economic or industrial...
Девять дней одного года Девять дней одного года

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