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Девять дней одного года

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about 200.
Oh, what a misfortune!
It's a real misfortune!
And this to have happened
at our institute!
Not a single accident for years,
and there you are!
Pavel Demyanovich,
the plane will be here at 6 a.m.
Damn it, such a strange death.
Nothing to see, nothing to hear,
no color, no smell - nothing.
And everything's healthy.
Arms, legs, chest,
and that foolish head of mine!
It's a pity, isn't it, Goosev?
Please lie down.
No, I can't.
Where's Butov?
I've got zero time left
and the director's not here!
Why are you yelling?
I am supposed to yell at you.
Speed up the installation of a new
reactor. Goosev knows everything.
Goosev is going to hospital.
Why? He was standing the hell knows
where, at the back of beyond.
He could get enough in any place
I'm absolutely well.
Without the doctors' permission
I won't allow him to work.
What about Tereshchenko
standing in for him?
How about promoting Vasenka?
Maybe you want Maria
Tikhonovna come in?
Where's she?
In my office.
- Mitya.
- I'm here.
Come closer.
Give it all up
for God's sake!
Go fishing, gather mushrooms,
marry a beautiful girl.
Or it'll be too late.
And where's Masha?
She's here.
Call... her.
- Ilya, you've come to see me?
- Yes.
- And they're taking me to Moscow.
- I know.
- Did you see Lyolya?
- I did.
Is she planning to come here?
You'd better think about yourself now.
Come on, I'm all right.
Goodbye. Thank you.
- Help him.
- No, I'm all right.
Take care, guys, see you soon.
- Ilya...
- Hold him!
(two months later)
At the start of our story
Goosev got in a hospital.
Today he's being released.
Thank God, I made it.
I've been here since 3 o'clock.
And where's... Oh, you got them too?
- And where's Mitya?
- That's what I'd like to know.
Nurse, where's patient Goosev?
He was released long ago.
How cute.
I bet he's flirting with nurses.
I can't wait for him,
I must be at a conference.
Give him my regards and tell him
we'll see each other soon.
- You won't see him.
- Why not?
- He has a flight at 5 in the morning.
- Wish him a good flight.
You're not going anywhere, the three
of us need to have a talk today.
Just tell him about
the contents of your letter.
What about you?
Listen, I need to be
at that conference.
Tsitelman delivers a report.
I must put two questions to him,
two short, polite questions.
Tsitelman will arch his brows,
then he'll go crimson,
then he'll pale, all those present
will exchange glances, and that's all.
There's been no report. There's no
I simply must do it. Don't you agree?
Why am I a coward?
I flew there in bad weather,
carrying your letter.
You never gave it to him.
I knew you won't give it to him,
and you didn't.
All right, I'm staying.
Nurse, where's patient Goosev?
We're waiting for him.
He went to the professor.
This dog's name is Jack.
You can pat him, he won't bite.
- You must sign it.
- Permission to work? All right.
Jack has a radiation sickness,
he got about 800 roentgens.
But he looks quite optimistic.
He had a spleen implanted
and a transplantation of bone
marrow from a healthy dog.
And this one is a control dog.
He will surely die.
- Judging by Jack, there's a way out.
- For dogs.
So far we operate only on dogs,
and not always successfully.
Goosev, tell me, between us,
how many roentgens have you got?
Two hundred.
So is written in my case history.
- Have you got any before that?
- No.
You're lying.
- Too bad I can't catch you red-handed.
- What for?
They didn't count it in those
times, but I have a feeling...
Don't trust your feelings.
Patient Goosev, you think
your model is this one?
No, this one.
Yevgeny Grigoryevich, it's rude
to compare me with a dog.
I'd prefer to be rude now.
You still can live a long life and
work, but only on one condition.
No risk
and no neutrons.
To be irradiated with neutrons,
you got to have
Девять дней одного года Девять дней одного года

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