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Девять дней одного года

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fractional irradiation
and particle-beam shock is very rare.
- It's just great!
- Yes, wonderful.
But as a scientist, you are
to give us detailed information.
- Ilya?
- You didn't expect me?
No, I didn't.
Lyola and I just decided to come.
Thank you.
We'll talk later.
I'll go out for a smoke.
Don't be long,
we got a very important conversation.
- Are you talking to me?
- Yes.
I got an important conversation, too.
Go, Mitya II, we'll have plenty of
time to talk after the operation.
How are you?
So the operation is tomorrow?
Yes, at 8 a.m.
You look great.
Mitya, I think I understood
the nature of that phenomenon.
I understood it, too.
It's not thermonuclear.
But, nevertheless,
it's the greatest discovery.
Perhaps for the astrophysicists.
I even thought of the title of
an article for The Youth's Technology.
"The Mystery of Magnetic Storms
and Northern Lights Solved".
I think you're underestimating
the enormity, so to speak...
Where's Lyolya?
She's downstairs.
I think she'd better
not look at me today.
Yes, I think so too.
Why did you get scared?
Mitya, the institute
is preparing a report.
We want to call it
the Goosev effect.
The Goosev effect. Not bad.
And yet, Ilya, it's not thermonuclear.
Stop it. Not many people could
achieve this in their lifetime.
Besides, my name isn't up to the mark.
Volta, Ampere, Curie -
those were the names!
500 volts - it's impressive!
1,000 amperes - it's impressive!
850 roentgens!
Sounds impressive too, though not
very cheerful.
And here we have Goosev.
We'll have to call the unit
of radiation intensity "goose".
A fifty-goose installation.
It's silly.
Even funny.
I don't know.
I don't find it funny.
You've always lacked sense of humor.
What if the mankind
consisted of Goosevs...
If it consisted of Goosevs...
You lack sense of humor again.
Just imagine
3 million Goosevs -
black Goosevs,
white Goosevs, yellow Goosevs...
- What?
- Cone on, calm down.
Everything is all right.
Everything's all right. Calm down.
Tomorrow at 8 a.m.
How is he?
Well, how is he...
Cheerful, joking, laughing.
Sending you his love.
All right.
- Shall we go home?
- No.
You'll sit here all night?
Are you visiting Goosev?
- What?
- A note for you.
Lyolya, if Ilya can
get me some pants,
we'll still have time to drop at
Aragvi Restaurant.
The End
Девять дней одного года

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