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Девять дней одного года

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I am.
Why don't you stay? You could
live here and work at the mine.
How about it, Mitya?
No, Dad.
Everyone should do his own thing.
That's right.
I want to ask you one more thing.
Go ahead.
People say all kind of things about
this stuff, I mean the atoms.
Tell me, are they won'th
of giving one's life for them?
Yes, they are.
Perhaps they discovered them for
Who needs it?
No, it's not for nothing.
Some day people
will be grateful to us.
And besides...
you can't stop mars thinking.
Even if we suddenly forget
everything that has been done,
those who will live after us
will go the same route.
Were you making the bomb?
I was.
If we hadrt made it,
we would never have had
this talk, Dad,
neither a half of mankind.
I see.
Are you going to stay long?
No, Dad, we're leaving in the morning.
Well, goodbye, Dad.
Take care.
All tight. Thank you.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
The same thing.
Just like with the old installation.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Good evening.
I don't know what to do.
I can't go home.
I don't know what lies to tell him.
Well, it's science...
Good night.
- Shall I see you home?
- No, thanks.
Good night.
Good evening.
(autumn again)
Perhaps it was the most
important day in their lives.
It's quarter to nine,
I got to go.
Are they going to postpone
the test again?
Why are they dragging out?
I'll drop by and find out.
Do it.
- Lyolya.
- Yes?
We must call up Ilya.
Send him a telegram.
No, never mind. Go.
- Lyolya.
- Yes?
Perhaps they've already run a series?
All right, go.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
Look at these.
It's more accurate.
When did you come?
The day before yesterday.
Who called you?
I did.
How many tests have you run?
Six series.
Give me the photos.
What? And you didn't tell me.
Trying to be delicate?
You pitied me, didn't you?
We're getting a very interesting effect.
I can see. I can see.
Mitya! Mitya!
Please, forgive me.
Stop it. Stop it, Lyolya!
Do you hear? Lyolya!
Come on, stop it.
I wanted to, but I couldn't.
I'll have to start all over again.
Remember what day it is?
Do you remember?
A year ago we had that
conversation at the telephone station.
We've lived a whole year.
And we've lived it well.
- I'm pleased.
- Really?
The experiment failed.
It's normal.
But one of a hundred possible ways
to the truth's been tested and dropped.
So only 99 are left.
I love you.
I love you so much!
- Tomorrow I'm flying to Moscow.
- I'm going with you.
No, don't.
I must cope alone with
what I'll have to go through.
What about me?
You'll meet me in the hospital's
hall, like a year ago.
So all over again?
Yes, all over again, 99 times so.
Here comes the ninth day
of our story.
You proved a prophet.
I'm here again.
I see.
What can I say?
I've warned you.
We'll accept you, of course,
and do what's necessary.
I didn't come here to die.
I need an operation.
We don't do operations.
- Why this table then?
- It's for the dogs.
I agree to the dogs' table.
I'm not proud, I can live with it.
You can live with it?
And if not?
If not, no one will blame you.
There's such thing as a court of
- How is it?
- Normal.
Incidentally, half of the dogs dies.
I'm from the other half.
I have no right
to experiment on humans.
You must start sometime.
Start with me.
I can't.
You can.
If there's a slightest chance,
I'm ready for it.
There is no chance!
Almost no chance.
I must live.
It's me.
My name is Mitya, too.
What a rare coincidence.
What are you ill with, Mitya II?
Who, me?
I'm absolutely well.
So don't worry.
Why should I worry?
I'm your donor.
My bone marrow will be
transplanted to you.
- Don't you grudge it?
- What?
Your bone marrow.
You see...
I have an ulterior motive.
You're the theme of my dissertation.
- You have a visitor.
- Me? Bring him in.
A simultaneous
Девять дней одного года Девять дней одного года

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