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Девять дней одного года

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What's going on between us?
What is it?
Obviously, he doesn't need me.
He almost doesn't notice me,
as if I'm not here...
It's all so stupid.
Can I really make porridge out of this?
It's just that you're a cold, shallow,
conceited, unkind woman.
With whims.
Some bungler! Oh, what a bungler!
What else?
And not very clever.
People believe you're clever,
because you're a woman.
And if you were a man,
they would've taken you for a fool.
And what else?
No, it's enough.
Mitya! Get up, it's time.
Is the porridge good?
It's all right.
- Mitya.
- What?
Mitya, tell me the truth. Am I stupid?
Well... I'm mean, I'm...
Lyolya, why all this?
- Why don't you eat?
- I'm not hungry.
You must eat.
Where did you get this frock?
I've been wearing it every day for
a month now.
Very nice frock.
All right, get ready, let's go.
I'm not dressed.
Lyolya, I can't wait for you today.
I'll walk.
- Sorry, but I really...
- I understand. You can go.
He's come back after all.
But I won't hurry.
I was afraid I won't catch you.
Mitya! It's me, Ilya!
Where are you?
Mitya's at the institute.
How are you, Ilya?
Sorry, but I'm in a hurry.
I'm going to the institute too.
I won't even take my coat off.
- Will you be here long?
- Three days.
- Mitya wanted me here.
- Mitya?
He needs something.
He called Ilya here
and didn't tell me!
No, that's too much!
Why did he do it?
What does he need Ilya for?
Aren't you glad I'm here?
Yes, I'm glad, I'm happy!
I feel wretched as it is, and here
comes Ilya.
So happy, so satisfied,
smelling of a barbershop.
Lyolya, I've brought you some perfume.
Thank you. Put it on the table.
To call Ilya here
and never tell me about it.
As if I'm a cat...
Come on, Dmitri Alexeyevich,
that's nothing. Better look at this.
It's no better.
It's not won'th looking at with
a microscope. It's clear there's nothing.
Not clear.
Good morning, comrade alchemists!
Ilya! So good of you to come!
You don't even know how I need you!
- Everybody needs me.
- Me more than anybody else.
You have to help me
to sort out one devilish thing.
Let me at least cross myself.
Turn on the installation in 3 minutes.
Where are you staying?
You'll stay with us.
Why? There're hotels.
Yes, of course... Let's go.
Remember our conversation
at the restaurant?
Of course.
Do you still hold
that hopeless view of the world?
Mitya, I've already reached
the age when people
don't change their convictions
with every issue of a newspaper.
In the name of what are you
working then?
It's interesting. I'm exercising
my brain. I cannot but think.
Here it is, my saucepan.
As you can see yourself,
these are vacuum pumps.
Plasma is sprinkled in there.
Everything's done as it should be,
but it's stubborn as a bull:
Not a single neutron,
no matter what.
Well, I did suspect it though.
You did?
Today we want to try
one combination,
though it's absolutely absurd.
The installation will be started up
in a minute.
Out of harm's way, step out through
that door. You're our guest, after all.
You know, I'm like a child.
I'm hoping every time - what if!
Dmitri Alexeyevich!
- Dmitri Alexeyevich!
- What's up?
It's a stream! The neutrons,
10 in the 12th power!
You're lying!
Dmitri Alexeyevich,
the neutrons, a stream!
- Get ready.
- I'm ready.
Once again.
- I'm ready.
- Attention!
- I'm ready.
- Yes, yes. Five...
Four... Three...
Two... Go!
- Have you seen it?!
- Quiet.
We do it once again.
Are there really neutrons?
You can see it for yourself.
The neutrons...
It still has to be chewed over.
- Is it true?
- It looks like it.
- 10 in the 12th.
- Look for yourself.
Pavel Demyanovich,
come to the oscillograph.
Yelena Mikhailovna!
Dmitri Alexeyevich got neutrons!
Attention! Quiet!
- Ready?
- Just a minute, I'
Девять дней одного года Девять дней одного года

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