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Девять дней одного года

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you and Mitya?
- Everything.
- What do you mean, everything?
Stop it, don't be a fool.
All right...
And what exactly did you get tired of?
I got tired of what's been
going on for 6 years.
Of the fact that he came to Moscow
only 4 or 5 times in those years.
Of the Ukraine or Tourist Hotels,
of my friend's room
while she goes to the movies.
And then he disappears.
Don't you think one can get fed up
with it?
Is he in love with you?
What difference does it make?
You and I decided to get married.
Well, we did, of course.
All right.
I'll go myself. Give me your ticket.
I'll find the right words.
- Stop playing a fool.
- Give me your briefcase.
- What's in there?
- My pajamas and a razor.
- It'll do.
- Stop it, Lyolya.
Can I fly instead of
Mr. Kulikov?
- Mr. Kulikov's not flying.
- What do you mean, not flying?
You'll have to take the next flight.
We got one passenger in excess.
Why am I in excess?
Maybe I'm the most indispensable one.
Your ticket was bought last.
I see, they suddenly got
some bigwig flying.
- Tell him who you are.
- It doesn't matter. Excuse me.
- Professor Pokrovsky?
- I hope I'm not late?
No. Come onboard, please.
- Comrade Kulikov?
- What brings you here?
A special plane will be
waiting for us in Novosibirsk.
So you're the culprit?
- Are they together?
- As you can see.
- Lyolya.
- Yes?
Please meet
Professor Pokrovsky.
Pleased to meet you. How are you?
This way, Professor.
- Are you flying or not?
- He's flying! Flying!
- Zoya, take one more passenger.
- All right.
Ilya, come here.
There's some trouble there.
It's a government commission,
and Pokrovsky's with them.
- Closer.
- What?
Come closer.
- I don't understand.
- Still closer.
- Yes?
- Closer.
That's all. Go now.
What are you drawing there?
What's the point?
Thank you.
Oh, those doctors...
Just think
what he and I have done!
We've got a fully
ionized plasma.
It means we've paved the way to
a controlled thermonuclear reaction.
Do you understand what
a controlled nuclear reaction means?
Please lie down.
All right. Mitya.
She doesn't understand.
I've completed the work of my life.
All the rest is his specialty.
I'm a reactor man,
and he's a thermonuclear man.
By the way, Goosev
stood not here, but right here.
This is a big difference.
Mitya, let's figure out
what we should do next.
- Where's the pencil?
- It's not the right time.
Nonsense, it's just the right time.
I'm in excellent form.
Where's the pencil?
- I'm asking you again to lie down.
- All right.
I'm sitting already.
This is not my pencil.
- Where's mine?
- It must be in your suit.
Please, bring it to me.
- Please lie down.
- All right, I will.
I assure you that no one has yet
got irradiated with a pencil.
Please, bring it to me.
Dusya, go look for his pencil.
Thank you.
Let's think, Mitya.
Let's start with this, look...
Watch, Goosev, watch.
This one?
Yes, thank you.
This is a real pencil!
It's notjust a good pencil,
it's a lucky pencil.
With this pencil I wrote down
my most brilliant thoughts.
And brilliant thoughts, Goosev,
come to mind very rarely.
Einstein was right.
I won't be able to name even 3 days
in all my life when I got...
some sensible idea.
Don't come in, we're naked.
Oh, it's you, Masha.
Can you imagine? We got plasma!
Didrt I tell you? I was telling you
all my life! I knew it!
Watch, Goosev. Don't pay any attention.
But he never listens!
All he's doing is shouting!
A savage!
I begged him a thousand times...
Masha, stop making a scene,
I'm working.
I begged him...
We'll talk when we're home.
I mean, we'll have plenty
of time to say goodbye.
Let's get out of here.
What do you mean, to say goodbye?
You can't stay here, let's go.
Maria Tikhonovna, calm yourself.
Come to my office,
lie down and have a rest.
How is it?
Sintsov is very bad.
About 800 roentgens.
And Goosev?
Goosev got much less.
I think,
Девять дней одного года Девять дней одного года

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