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Девять дней одного года

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All right, I'm staying.
Nurse, where's patient Goosev?
We're waiting for him.
He went to the professor.
This dog's name is Jack.
You can pat him, he won't bite.
- You must sign it.
- Permission to work? All right.
Jack has a radiation sickness,
he got about 800 roentgens.
But he looks quite optimistic.
He had a spleen implanted
and a transplantation of bone
marrow from a healthy dog.
And this one is a control dog.
He will surely die.
- Judging by Jack, there's a way out.
- For dogs.
So far we operate only on dogs,
and not always successfully.
Goosev, tell me, between us,
how many roentgens have you got?
Two hundred.
So is written in my case history.
- Have you got any before that?
- No.
You're lying.
- Too bad I can't catch you red-handed.
- What for?
They didn't count it in those
times, but I have a feeling...
Don't trust your feelings.
Patient Goosev, you think
your model is this one?
No, this one.
Yevgeny Grigoryevich, it's rude
to compare me with a dog.
I'd prefer to be rude now.
You still can live a long life and
work, but only on one condition.
No risk
and no neutrons.
To be irradiated with neutrons,
you got to have them.
You don't have them?
Not even a hint of them.
Don't make a fool of me.
- A reaction won't work out.
- It will one day.
When it does, the whole world will
know, and you'll be the first.
Oh, those saintly eyes!
All right.
- How did you get here then?
- Out of stupidity.
It was not even my installation,
it was Professor Sintsov's reactor.
And that reactor
doesn't exist any more.
- Here.
- Thank you.
I'm warning you: One more
irradiation and that'll be the end.
And don't come back,
I won't be able to help you.
I won't come back.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Cheer up, Jack,
we'll wag our tails yet.
Tsitelman is placing his argumentation
on a Marxist foundation now.
In a few minutes
he'll get to antiparticles.
Tsitelman gets down to antiparticles,
and I'm not there.
I'm going to burst into tears and
It's me who will burst into tears.
Comrade Kulikov?
What are you doing here?
Waiting for Goosev.
Where's Goosev?
He's recounting "The Three
Musketeers" to the nurses.
That's it!
Let's go, Ilya.
Here I am!
Oh, you both are here! Why are you
together and look so gloomy?
I've been here since 3 o'clock.
Sorry, I didn't know.
- You did know.
- Well, perhaps I did.
I have a plane at 5 in the morning.
Let's do something
I have a great idea.
There's a conference going on now.
Oh God!
Tsitelman delivers a report
on antiparticles!
I guarantee it will be
an unforgettable spectacle.
No unforgettable spectacles.
I simply want to eat.
Comrade! Comrade!
- Can you come to us?
- Just a minute.
We've been waiting 40 minutes, comrade!
It's just outrageous!
I hate Moscow restaurants.
You can't imagine how I was
feasted in some lousy Tangier!
Pass me the salt,
I'm going to eat bread.
Ilya, you're not in Africa.
- Excuse me, are you the maitre d'?
- Yes.
We've a guest at that table over there,
the nervous one eating his plate.
Incidentally, he's a three-time
laureate, Doctor of the Academy.
He's leaving for Tangier.
The lady is accompanying him.
Make an order yourself, for 3 persons.
Serving promptly, but with no haste.
This is not the place
for that kind of explanations.
- There will be no other place.
- There're people all around.
What difference does it make?
Everything will be fine now.
What were you scheming here?
Good evening.
Well, there you go!
Why don't you say something?
What's eating you?
No, nothing.
You want to tell me something?
We need to talk.
Go ahead.
I'm listening.
- May I?
- Leave it, we'll do it.
Listen, Mitya...
Look, it's Tsitelman!
He came to celebrate
his triumph with his cretins.
I simply must spoil his celebration.
Oh, Ilya...
Oh Ilya what?
Hello... Goosev.
Let's drink, shall we?
Let's drink.
Девять дней одного года Девять дней одного года

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