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Девять дней одного года

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You see, I thought it would
be easier for you with me beside you.
Apparently I was wrong.
I have an impression
I'm in the way all the time.
No, you're not in my way.
Listen, Goosev,
let's be honest.
I see that I'm
a nuisance for you,
I'm demanding your attention, I'm
annoying you with my idiotic moods.
But what can I do?
I'm not some pet, I'm a woman.
I told you on the first day
you'd regret it.
I don't regret anything!
If I could feel just for a minute that
you need me, I would be happy.
- I need you.
- It's not true!
It's simply not true.
Your coffee's going to boil over.
Not true?
A delicate,
intellectual creature...
What do you know about life?
Back in Moscow, I thought
you loved me.
I love you.
All right then.
Sit down and eat.
I'm again in your way.
- Mitya, are you asleep?
- No.
Are you all right?
What is it?
Did something happened?
- Yes.
- Today?
A month ago, the day Ilya came.
Oh, my God!
I knew. I knew it would happen!
My poor Goosev!
- It's the beginning of the end.
- No! I don't want!
I don't want! I don't want!
Don't you dare! Don't you dare!
I'm sorry.
I'm just a vulgar fool.
Why don't you say anything?
Say something!
Didrt I?
He spent that day
in the place where he was born.
Nyura, I didn't recognize you.
And I recognized you right away,
Dmitri Alexeyevich.
- Why so official?
- I don't know.
Come on, meet someone.
Come on, come on.
This is my wife, Lyolya.
- Hello.
- Hello.
There you go...
- Dad went to the store to buy bread.
- Let's go.
- Don't call me by patronymic.
- Sorry, I won't.
We were expecting you yesterday.
We did expect you,
but not today.
I came out to the water well not
properly dressed and saw them coming.
First, let's drink to Mother.
May her memory live forever.
She was waiting for this day,
but didn't live up to it.
Everything's here like it was when
she was alive, I didn't change a thing.
- You hurt her, Mitya, very much.
- Please don't, Father.
Our house will be pulled down soon.
Almost all the rest are gone already.
They say we stand on iron.
The irors under us.
What? Did I say something wrong?
No, everything's right.
A new village has already
been built at Zimogorye.
If you came a month later,
you wouldn't have found us here.
Where are we? We're gone.
Well, to your health.
And for me, Grandpa?
Want some sauerkraut?
- No.
- Just look at him!
Remember Sashka Golovin,
Styosha's youngest one?
Got five years,
he drank too much.
And Vitka Voronov, their
eldest, is already a general.
We're doing pretty well,
have plenty of everything.
I've brought you some money, Dad.
No, Mitya, we don't need anything.
Thanks for coming yourself.
You better tell me what.
Are you satisfied with your life?
I am.
Why don't you stay? You could
live here and work at the mine.
How about it, Mitya?
No, Dad.
Everyone should do his own thing.
That's right.
I want to ask you one more thing.
Go ahead.
People say all kind of things about
this stuff, I mean the atoms.
Tell me, are they won'th
of giving one's life for them?
Yes, they are.
Perhaps they discovered them for
Who needs it?
No, it's not for nothing.
Some day people
will be grateful to us.
And besides...
you can't stop mars thinking.
Even if we suddenly forget
everything that has been done,
those who will live after us
will go the same route.
Were you making the bomb?
I was.
If we hadrt made it,
we would never have had
this talk, Dad,
neither a half of mankind.
I see.
Are you going to stay long?
No, Dad, we're leaving in the morning.
Well, goodbye, Dad.
Take care.
All tight. Thank you.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
The same thing.
Just like with the old installation.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Good evening.
I don't know what to do.
I can't go home.
I don't know what lies to tell him.
Well, it's science...
Good night.
- Shall I see you home?
Девять дней одного года Девять дней одного года

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