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Девочки хотят повеселиться

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with me.
Alright! But you gotta do like this.
Beep, beep, beep...
Alright now, picture this!
Its WWII...and our sheep is going down
in the middle of Pacific.
And our only hope is
the short-wave radio.
Tuned Tokyo...
Tuned Tokyo...
Will you please let me go!
Hey, pal. She is with me, okay?
- No, man, you're wrong. She is with me.
Now, bid it!
Okay. I don't want any trouble.
I got an idea.
Lets flick for her, okay?
Alright. - Oh, this is great.
Are you gonna flick for me?
Heads or tails?
- Heads.
Come on, let's go!
Come on!
What did you say? You flicked for him?
- No! He flicked for me!
Come on!
- I don't know if is it safe?
It's safe.
Hold on.
On the loose...
On the loose...
I'm felling so I am free...
On the loose...
Hold on.
I have cheekaches from smiling.
I had such a good time.
- I am glad.
And ...
- And what?
Well, it would be nice if suppose you to tell
me how much fun you had.
A lot.
I better go home.
- Wait a minute, come on.
I can't believe that in two weeks
I'm gonna be dancing on DTV.
I better get hit by a car.
- What?
Nothing is going too well.
But, besides DTV have best.
I mean, I've never dreamt that
in million years I'll have a boyfriend.
Who is your boyfriend?
- I didn't mean that ... Oh, God.
Look, if you talked to your boyfriend,
just you gonna have to tell him to flack.
Cause you gonna be with
me every night this week.
So, are we in this thing together, ha?
- You sure are.
I've got a rising emotions
Spirit is lighting a fire
I've got my body in motion
Gonna have what I desire
I'm giving in to the sound
Giving in to the magic I've found
And it's breaking me free
I can fly
I can go forever
I run and jump and
I break away
I can fly
Now I'm stronger than ever
I'm gonna reach for the sky.
No one ever showed me how
But look at me now
I can fly
Contest this Saturday
Get wardrobe approved
by Carol
It's a free dance
If you just take a chance
You can fly
Flying so high
I can fly
I can go forever
I run and jump and
I break away
I can fly
Now I'm stronger than ever
I'm taking hold of my life
No one ever showed me how
But look at me now
I can fly...I can fly...
I can fly
I can go forever
I want to reach for the sky!
Cause no one ever showed me how
But look at me now
I can fly!
Can not sleep?
- Oh, God!
Daddy, you are really ...
Don't do that.
Go ahead. Sit down.
Anyway, why don't you are in your PJs'?
Its after midnight.
I was dreaming that I was
gonna be late for school.
So, I woke up and I got dressed
and then I looked at the clock.
Yea, but you wear uniform at
school. That's not uniform.
In my dream, I went at public school.
Janey, your mother and I've been talking...
We thought that this weekend
we send you to St. Louis
on the plane to see yor grandmother.
No! - I think it's just
what doctor ordered.
Not this weekend!
- Why not?
This is See 1:30 transport
leaving on Saturday.
Don't you wanna see your grandmother?
- Yea. Sure I do.
See, I have to study this weekend.
There's really big Latin test on Monday.
And I am way, way behind.
Since when you've taken Latin?
Since last week, which is
why I'm way behind.
But, thanks anyway, dad.
I have to get to bed again.
Good night.
What are you? Crazy?
I  hope you were hurt.
I am J.P. Sands.
- Yea, I know.
Why didn't you recognize me,
without blueberry pie in my hair?
Will you be in big hurry?
- Yea, a kind of.
When I about was in your age, I
worked in bottling factory.
I own the factory now.
In the matter fact, a lot of factories,
and including the one
where your father works.
Very happy for you.
Don't smart mall be.
You and I are lot more
alike then you think.
I bet you don't want
Девочки хотят повеселиться Девочки хотят повеселиться

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