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Девочки хотят повеселиться

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We'll pair you up!
We just want to see you to dance.
Alright! So let the Game begins!!!
You and ... I want you.
Yeah. OK, lets go. Come on.
Good luck!
Alright! Lets move along. Thank you.
Alright, can we move it along?
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Cut them.
Oh, the next girl...See that?
Watch this!
Alright! We have selected the
following finalists. Listen please:
72,... 102,...
That is fif...15,...
125 and 127.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you very much!
You showed a lot originality.
Thank you.
Now, we are going to pair up the
contestant with chosen so far.
Be patient I'll be right back.
Alright now, I would like
to make a few changes.
Miss, excuse me, miss.
Right here.
And I'd like to see you
with big fellow there please.
Yes. yes, you.
Thank you.
My,...You are big...he, he, he.
That's lovely.
Alright, thank you very much.
You would, please...
No, no, no. Wait.
This is not right.
You two, back together again, please.
Switch please. There we are...
There we are. Very good.
Yeah, thats fine.
Yes, thats good.
Well I like this.
Yes. Sort of "rebel without cause
meets "sound of music".
You're taking a fashion risk.
I like that.
Just don't do it on camera.
Allright. Remember to pick up the list
of rehearsal times...
What are you doing? No,
I wanted to take-just one of those.
You looked great!
- Lynne it was a drag. I am sorry.
It's allright.
You catched my dance partner?
It wasn't a dancing,
it was assault battery.
There he is with the cheese bomb.
Lynne, she set this up!
We are gonna tell Iralle, OK?
- No way, forget it.
Knows better then
getting mad? Not even.
Did you get her number?
- Yeah. Zero.
Hey, whats the flying nun's
phone number?
It is unlisted.
I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.
I didn't mean to.
You looked great today.
You should fool Drew.
Anyone can fool on him.
You know, last try
call to dress my Barbie doll.
Am I ever grow up?
- Meggie, You're 12.
Next time to be 13,
Then will be 14, and thats all goes.
I don't mean age.
I mean the women stuff.
Do not make fun. Mom never
talked about that part.
I don't know whose gonna
explain to you now?
I mean, dads not good.
All he told to me was:
"Don't be embarace, son. Just don't read Playboy
right before you go to bed. "
- Hi, pap.
A tap is sap as right?
- Yup.
Hi, Maggie.
- Hi.
So, how was at work, pa?
- Positively stimulating as usually.
I'll take. It's for me.
- Absolutely.
Your hands are are tired, aren't you dad?
- Again? You broke it again?
I didn't break it. Just fell off.
I don't understand, how
the door handle comes keeps off?
I mean, that's is forth time this month
you know.
Thank you Lord, for this food.
She dances with the door.
- What?
So, I finally guess,
to dance, all I want to do.
My sisters dancing with the door.
She is originaly slam dancer.
He should talk, dady.
He's gonna dance on TV.
Can I club in?
An audition for a dance contest.
- And he made a finales.
And then they choose the winners on DTV.
- Whats the prize?
He will be regular on Dance TV.
What does have to do with
your grade school?
Look, you don't want college.
Well, thats okay with me.
I was in a hurry in get going when
I was your age too.
But you gotta have a skill, Jeff.
You gotta start sooner on later.
Trade school was good enough for my
father and was good enough for me.
Thats not funny.
- Don't do a mental dad.
I like when you kids
just humor me.
Hold my calls.
Affirmative. A credit card
does opens bathroom up.
Zach, you perv. Will you get out of here?
- Telephone. It's a boy!
Want dad take a message?
Still can't write you know.
Hi! I can't believe you
remembered my phone number.
You are still on phone, young lady.
- Hold on a second.
- Who is it?
It's just my friend Lynne.
Lynne? Oh, great.
Make it short.
- Aha, I'll be in second.
Девочки хотят повеселиться Девочки хотят повеселиться

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