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little one.
Let's go!
-Nothing here.
-Are you sure about that?
-Take a better look.
DANIEL: Terra !
JASON: Terra.
-TERRA: Jason.
-AII right, Terra !
TERRA: Daniel, I missed you.
JASON: Terra, I can't believe this.
DANIEL: You're okay. How'd you get out?
After all your hard work, we couldn't
let you go off empty-handed, boys.
Hey, you forgot your boot.
-Hey, take it easy, fellas.
Yeah, take it easy. Just get a suntan.
-Wait till you see this.
-Hey, where are you taking us?
-What is this place?
-This is where I live.
-It's water!
Tug, come on, there's more. Come on.
Hey, look. Water comes
right out of the rock.
No, it comes from here. This is called ice.
Thousands of years ago, a giant glacier
was trapped under a lava flow.
As it melts, it feeds the springs
that make our oasis.
This is Greentree. He's my father.
-Your father? This is...
-From the picture.
These are my friends. This is Jason.
-And Rabbit.
-This is Metron.
Tug. And the little one over there,
that's Daniel.
I'm glad to meet Terra's family.
Now you're my family, too.
This is your home. Come on.
-Her father?
-Her father?
METRON: I don't understand.
Why doesn't the Protectorate
take over here like everyplace else?
This place is our secret and must be kept.
So have you stopped fighting?
The Eco-wars took a great toll.
Terra's mother was taken prisoner
and killed.
Our numbers were cut.
By now, the Eco-warriors are only a rumor.
But there are new generations.
Our survival is our victory.
By some extraordinary luck,
our people found Terra and she's here.
We're all here to stay.
Bodhi doesn't call anymore.
Maybe the E-Police have...
Are we just gonna give up, Jason?
What are we gonna do?
I never told you this, but Bodhi...
He showed me something.
We were headed for this place
that we still haven't found.
So it's not over, Daniel.
So you keep listening. Listen real hard,
so Bodhi will know
you're trying to hear him.
We've reached an apparent null.
I'II reduce the power.
Just keep cooking it.
I'm so happy here.
We're all gonna be very happy here.
Terra, I know what you've found here. I do.
-But the rest of us, we gotta move on.
We left the orphanage with a purpose.
To find Daniel. And now Daniel's safe.
We're all safe. This is our home.
Bodhi's gone. It's gone.
I can't believe you're saying that.
It's just better forgotten.
What do you mean, forgotten?
What do you know?
Come on, Terra.
Come on, Terra. We've all oathed
each other that there'd never be secrets.
But I oathed to my father, too.
And that means more?
Where's the sphere?
His men said that they took it
to the Protectorate aqua bunker.
-The what?
-The aqua bunker.
It's where they control the water.
Jason, they're gonna destroy it.
-Well, it won't happen.
You heard me. I said it won't be destroyed.
Hey, hey, wait a minute. Wait.
It's stupid to go like this.
Terra, this is our choice.
We made the decision and we're going.
Well, then maybe this will help.
-Plans to the aqua bunker.
-Let's go. Come on.
AII right!
METRON: Awesome.
RABBIT: Are you sure
we've got the right place?
Enough. It's ready.
SHANDRAY: The fusion lasers have
greatly weakened the surface shield.
Now it gets interesting.
We lock it down and disembowel it.
It's all yours.
Gentlemen, this is Terminack.
He's a multi-capable masterpiece.
He can squeeze the color from a ruby,
or deftly pluck the eye from a living bird.
And he's been programmed to enjoy
what he does.
Terminack can actually see
the molecular structure.
He'll find the flaw and punch home.
He's in.
Gates. Main gates.
-He's got the gates. Let's go.
AII right.
Dogs, huh?

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