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and see the wonders...
Come one, come all.
Watch the human fire-dragon.
Get him !
Extra water privileges awarded
for capture of these Protectorate fugitives.
Extra water privileges awarded
for capture of these Protectorate fugitives.
Extra water...
I know he came this way, Malice.
I seen him. I did. He just went round that...
MALICE: We've got him.
He's mine.
No, we wait.
We follow. We've got them all.
Keep moving, vermin.
Move, you swine!
MAN ON PA: Dayshift, note.
Partial shutdown on sectional boilers
means reduced distillation.
The water content and pollution ratios
are down.
Fluoride levels are acceptable.
Only those willing to combine shifts
will have a water ration increase.
All others will have a water standard
reduction by 0.25 liters per day.
This way.
He's here.
We can't wait, come on. Standing out here
is like begging for a bull's-eye.
-You sure you can do this?
Sure. It's just like the old gym lockers.
Well, almost.
DARSTAR: Try 66.
The sphere better be in there,
or you're maimed.
Just turn the dial to 66, and you'll have it.
Hi, Bodhi. See, I told you he was here.
-No. I said forget going back.
-So what are we gonna do, stay here?
-I'd rather go back to the desert.
-And die of thirst?
-I'd rather go back to the desert.
-And die of thirst?
There has got to be a place to go.
Well, until you're ready to show us,
O earth mother...
-I think we should make it.
-Make what?
-Make our own place to live.
-METRON: Make it out of what, Daniel?
Blink your eyes and take a look
at the real world out there,
'cause it's a very ugly place.
-Bodhi will help us.
-Bodhi got us here.
Metron, you should have stayed
at the orphanage.
-Hey, Terra.
-No, I'm serious!
You had a future with the Protectorate.
You should've stayed.
We found your owl. I'm sorry it got killed.
-We buried it.
-I know.
Why did you take the sphere?
'Cause I thought it would do magic for me,
like it did for you.
It's not simple magic.
It's something else.
So, what are you gonna do now?
You gonna stay here?
For now, anyway.
-What about you?
-I don't know. We can't decide.
Maybe it's been decided for you.
Come on.
Spread out! Come on, move it!
DARSTAR: Come on, up the ramp!
I'II hold them !
-Wait, I dropped Bodhi!
-Daniel, no!
-DANIEL: Wait. I have to get Bodhi!
Bodhi! Bodhi!
JASON: Head for the tires.
-Hop in. Come on, Daniel.
-Get in.
-That's it. Climb all the way to the back.
-Hurry up! Hurry up!
-AII the way to the back. Let's go.
-TUG: Let's go.
-This better work!
-Bye, Daniel!
JASON: Don't let go, Daniel!
-You all right?
-Rabbit, man.
-You okay?
-Where's Terra?
-I don't know.
-I thought she was behind you.
-No, she wasn't with...
-No, she...
-JASON: Terra !
-Jas, wait! Jason!
Terra ! Terra !
Terra !
The place just exploded.
Maybe she got out another way.
Yeah. She was slick on her wheels.
Real quick.
Congratulations, Strictor.
-Now let's see what you can do.
-Our analysis will take a little time.
But I'II do everything I can
to see you're not bored.
Not to worry.
It's only a live boy-o they pay for.
Ain't that right, old dog?
That's what the E-Piggies want.
Live young lads.
Make a man's day.
Only one. Only a lonely one.
Not to worry.
Water. Water!
-Who flashes water like that?
-DOGGER: Wait!
Wait. We'll barter some.
Did you hear?
We'll barter for what you've got.
Bring it here.
-Let's go!
We've got value here.
We don't want to lose it.
It's only a lithe and

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