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why it's not.
-We have a lot of work to do...
-What's going on?
-Is Bodhi okay?
Yeah. Yeah, he's fine.
I was just...holding him.
What's that?
-I just want to see if it's radioactive.
-Can't you just leave it alone?
Look, if we're around something
that's giving off radioactivity,
-we could all end up dead.
-Oh, please.
Just let him do it.
-Hi, Bodhi.
-Hey, Bodie, so you're not dangerous.
It's Bodhi.
Hey, look, he's speaking to you
in your language and me in mine, all right?
-Yeah, but what is it?
-He's a who, not an it.
-Well, then who is it?
-I don't know. I can't figure it out.
-TERRA: You're kidding.
Well, I just heard you admit
there's something you can't figure out.
TERRA: Metron admits to mystery.
Flip it over.
-Don't hurt him.
-JASON: We're not gonna hurt him.
I think that he wants to play.
TERRA: Hey, Metron, pass it over here!
JASON: Flick it to me, Terra !
TUG: Hey, Jas!
Metron, why don't you try to hit the ball?
Hey! Yeah!
Rabbit, pass it over.
-Can you explain this, Metron?
Hey, Daniel, here's your chance!
-Put it in the goal! Come on!
-Come on, you can do it!
-Come on, little man!
-Put it up! He wants you to shoot!
Daniel, go!
Daniel's the skateball champion
of the world!
Can't we just play one more game?
I mean, Bodhi wants to play, I bet.
And I want to play.
It's late. I think we ought to head back.
Somebody's free! Oh, I envy him.
-They'll catch him.
But until they do, he's free.
Toss every crib in here!
-What about the personal areas?
-Toss the personal areas.
Toss everything!
I got the bird boy.
MAN: Anything?
MAN 2: Nothing! Darstar took it all.
Let's go!
-You can't be in here. It's...
-Daniel's gone.
-He went after Bodhi.
I think Bodhi called him or something.
I don't know.
-Did you encourage him?
-No, I didn't.
-I wouldn't do that! You know I wouldn't.
-AII right.
Get out of here.
And we'll meet in the clubroom.
-So we're gonna go after him?
-Be quiet.
He's a little boy all alone. I say that we go.
Listen to me carefully.
This is not like sneaking off to the pits.
It's not gonna be
20 meters in a ditch for this one.
If we do get caught,
it's gonna mean mainstream labor site.
-Or maybe worse.
-Yeah, well, what could be worse?
Like surgical alteration.
Didn't think of that, did we?
They've conditioned us here
to be so afraid.
There has got to be a place to go.
We were not born here.
We had parents on the outside, families.
People who might still be alive.
Maybe we could find them.
I'm very worried about him.
Please, let's just go.
It sounds like if we go,
we're not coming back.
That's exactly right,
so it's gotta be something that we all
agree on or we just don't go.
-Then we should vote.
-AII those in favor...
-No, this should be a secret ballot.
There shouldn't be any peer pressure.
-It's unanimous. We go.
-AII right!
JASON: Rabbit!
RABBIT: I did it!
JASON: Let's move!
TUG: AII right!
Alerts imposed on all quarters.
But why would they even try to escape?
There's no point in it.
Maybe they were challenged
by the ineptitude of your system.
Maybe they couldn't resist.
-GROCK: A Tchigani.
-He doesn't know that.
No child here knows his origin.
It's the law.
-He was taken at the age of two months.
-It's in his blood.
There are still some Tchigani
camped in the wastes. He'll find them.
Seven little douchkies all in a row.
How are you going to explain all this
to the inquisitor from mainstream control?
Maybe when you find them
you can bring them back here.
It might pass unnoticed.
But that's not the law.
The law requires that I take them to
my headquarters to be surgically altered.
You're not

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