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before you get so over-amped
over these pseudo-factoids, I'd...
-I didn't just hear that, I felt it.
-What was it?
Well, let's hope it's not another earth shift.
RABBIT: It's water!
TUG: Yeah.
Hey! Here!
Hey, it's water!
RABBIT: It's water!
I don't believe this.
-Terra !
-Hey, Terra ! Come on, come on!
-Come here, get over here!
-It's wet!
RABBIT: Enjoy it!
-JASON: Come on, Dan!
-Daniel, come on! Come on!
Let's go, little man!
Take that! Hey, go, little man! Go!
TUG: Yeah! AII right!
They must be slipping us
some kind of new medication.
We're all hallucinating.
Well, they can slip me
more of that anytime.
I'm clean!
-It wasn't meds. It was real.
-JASON: No, it couldn't have been real.
No, it was.
-He can hear you!
DANIEL: Of course he heard me.
He hears everything.
-No, you heard me. You can hear.
-Yeah, I can hear.
TERRA: Daniel, you can hear
without your electric ears!
My electric ears don't even work.
I hear everything.
-That's impossible.
-Hey, man, how can you say that?
It's been thundering and lightning,
and we're all soaking wet!
I gotta believe anything's possible!
When did this happen?
Was it during the storm?
No. Bodhi did it when I found him. Look.
He did it.
-Daniel, what is that?
-His name's Bodhi.
-I think he heard you.
-Of course he heard me.
He hears everything.
Even when I'm not talking, he hears me.
-Here. He likes to be held.
-It does.
I can feel it likes to be held.
-Hey, Bodie!
-DANIEL: His name is Bodhi.
Jason, can we keep him?
I mean, look, I fixed a bed and everything.
It'll be fine.
It doesn't need a bed.
I mean, it's not alive.
-We don't know that.
-METRON: Come on.
Bodhi feels just like we do.
And he's smart, too.
That was the second call for skate rec.
AII right.
Before we go, we all oath that no one
even breathes a whisper about this.
Daniel, I want you to pretend
that you're still deaf.
-Because people will start probing,
and we gotta keep this thing
absolutely secret, okay?
JASON: Okay, let's go. Let's move.
METRON: Yeah, we're gonna be late.
JASON: Come on, let's move!
Stay here. I'II be right back.
WOMAN ON PA: This recreational
skate period is provided by E-Police
who represent order.
Take up the challenge
of order advancement.
Serve as members of an E-Force.
Give raw power to the cause of order.
Keep the flow.
Keep the bodjilar flow.
E-Enforcement calls you
to synergic dedication.
E-Enforcement means pleasure
in the use of ultra-tech weapons.
Pleasure in the stun.
Pleasure in the chase and stun.
Hey, Jason! Watch this!
Hey, Jason! Watch this!
Dissidents who choose to live
outside the Protectorate
are in constant need of ultra-disciplinary...
Get off me!
Come on, Jas!
Come on!
This recreational skate period is provided
by E-Police, who represent order.
Take up the challenge
of order advancement. Serve...
You so much as breathe on her again,
I'II break your neck!
Give raw power to the cause of order.
E-Enforcement calls you
to synergic dedication.
Do you get bored just sitting in here?
I can't believe that I'm sitting here
talking to a ball.
Okay. AII right.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I know that you understand things.
Maybe everything.
But who are you?
Where do you come from?
I know. It's a tough one.
See, I don't know where I come from.
And I don't know who I am, either.
But what's worse is,
I don't know where I'm going.
I don't know who I'm gonna be.
I just know that I can't accept things
the way they are.
I don't want to be part of what I've seen.
But I guess I'II have to.
METRON: No, it is not a waste of time.
TERRA: Yes, it is...
-And I'II tell you

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