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- Fifty!
- Fifty-five!
- Sixty!
- I'm bid sixty. Do I hear more?
Three hundred and thirty-nine dollars
and eighty-eight cents!
We can't accept any more bids.
That's sold...
to the little lady for $339.88!
Okay, bachelors!
Who's next?
All right!
What am I bid for this guy?.
Do I hear a buck and a half?.
- Seventy-five cents?
- I bid two bits!
Sold to the lady
for twenty-five cents!
I got him!
Phil Connors!
I thought that was you!
This is Ned Ryerson,
my new insurance agent.
I'll say!
I have not seen this guy
for 20 years.
He comes to me and buys whole life,
term, uniflex...
fire, theft, auto,
dental, health...
with the optional death
and dismemberment plan, water damage.
This is the best day of my life.
Mine too.
- Where are we going?
- Let's not spoil lt.
I got that!
- Why can't I look?
- Because you bother me a lot.
I'm getting cold.
How much longer do I have to sit here?
I'm just giving you your money's worth.
You paid top dollar for me.
I think you were a bargain.
Sweet of you to say.
You're probably right.
- Is It finished yet?
- Almost.
I still have to put cherry syrup on top
and then we can eat lt.
Come on!
I'm freezing!
One second. All right.
Let me turn toward the light.
It's amazing.
It's beautiful.
- How did you do that?
- I know your face so well...
I could have done It
with my eyes closed.
It's lovely.
I don't know what to say.
I do
No matter what happens tomorrow...
or for the rest of my life...
I'm happy now
because I love you.
I think I'm happy too.
- Please, not again.
- That is a great song!
- It's not!
- Don't listen to this man--
It's too early.
Something is different.
Good or bad?
Anything different is good...
but this could be real good.
Why are you here?
I bought you. I own you.
But why are you still here?
You said stay, so I stayed.
I said stay, so you stayed?
I can't even make a collie stay.
I gotta check something.
They're gone!
They're all gone!
- Do you know what today is?
- What?
Today is tomorrow.
It happened.
- You're here.
- I'm here.
Why weren't you like this last night?
You just fell sleep,
It was the end
of a very long day.
Is there anything
I can do for you today?.
I'm sure I can think
of something.
It's so beautiful!
Let's live here.
We'll rent to start.Somebody asked me:
"Phil, if you could be anywhere,
where would you be?"
I said to him,
" Probably right here...
...EIko, Nevada."
Our nation's high at 79 today.
In California, they'll have
warm weather tomorrow...
...gang wars and some
overpriced real estate.
In the Pacific Northwest,
they'll have some...
...very, very tall trees.
Clear across the Rockies
and Great Plains.
But look out, here comes trouble.
Oh, boy!
Front coming our way!
Look out!
What will that mean to us?
One of these big, blue things!
This cold, frigid arctic air,
this big mass out of the north.
It'll meet up with all this
moisture out of the Gulf.
They'll mix at high altitudes
and cause snow.
It won't hit us here in Pittsburgh.
It'll push off and hit Altoona.
Close call!
Let's look at the five-day.
As you can see, nothing to be
too scared about.
Bundle up warm, but you can
leave your galoshes at home.
I won't be here at 10:00.
Tomorrow's Groundhog Day.
I'll be in Punxsutawney for our
country's oldest groundhog festival.
According to the legend,
tomorrow, February 2nd...
...if the groundhog wakes
and sees his shadow...
...we've got six more weeks
of winter.
Sounds like fun.
You must really enjoy it.
This is your third year in a row.
Four, Nan.
Thanks, Phil.
Next, our entertainment editor
looks at sex and violence in movies.
Stay with us.
We're clear.
Have fun in Punxsutawney.
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