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stand here and talk
with you, but I'm not going to.
- See you.
- I'll walk with you.
Whenever I see an opportunity now,
I charge it like a bull.
Ned the Bull, that's me now.
I have friends who live and die
by the actuarial tables.
It's all one big crapshoot.
Have you ever heard
of single premium life?
I think that really could be
the ticket for you.
It is so good to see you!
- What are you doing for dinner?.
- Something else.
It's been great seeing you,
Needlehead. Take care.
Watch out for that first step,
It's a doozy!
Srike up the music
The band has begun
The Pennsylvania Polka
Pick out your partner
and join in the fun
It started in Scranton
It's now number one
It's gonna entertain you
Phil, over here!
Where have you been?
It was horrible.
A giant leech got me.
You're missing all the fun.
These people are great.
Some have been parthing all night.
They sing until they get too cold...
then they sit by the fire,
get warm and sing some more.
They're hicks, Rita.
Did you sleep okay without me?
You tossed and turned, didn't you?
- You're incredible.
- Who told you?
It's groundhog time.
On me in three.
Two, one.
Once a year, the eyes of the nation turn
to this tiny Pennsylvania hamlet...
to watch a master at work
The master?.
Punxsutawney Phil...
the world's most famous weatherman,
the groundhog...
who, as legend has it, can predict
the coming of an early spring.
The question we have to ask ourselves
today is, "Does Phil feel lucky?".
Then it's the same old schtick.
The guy with the big stick
raps on the door.
They pull the little rat out.
They talk to him.
The rat talks back and then
they tell us what's gonna happen.
Isn't he cute?
You like your guys
with prominent upper teeth?
"This February 2,
at 7:20 and 30 seconds...
Punxsutawney Phil,
the seer of seers...
of prognosticators...
emerged reluctantly,
but alertly...
In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania...
and stated in Groundhogs...
'I definitely see a shadow.'"
Sorry, folks.
Six more weeks of winter.
On me in three. Two, one.
Television really falls to capture
the true excitement...
of a large squirrel
predicting the weather.
I, for one, am very grateful
to have been here.
From Punxsutawney,
this is Phil Connors. So long.
Want to try it again
without the sarcasm?
We got lt.
I'm out of here.
Prima donnas.
Boy, take a look at this.
- What is going on?
- I don't know.
Perhaps it's that giant blizzard
we're not supposed to get.
This is impossible.
Nobody honks this horn but me, pal.
Take this rig out of here.
Commander, what's going on?
There's nothing going on.
We're closing the road.
- Big blizzard moving in.
- What blizzard? It's a couple flake.
Don't you listen to the weather?.
We got a major storm here.
I make the weather!
All this moisture coming up
out of the Gulf...
will push off to the east
and hit Altoona.
Pal, you got that moisture
on your head.
You can go back to Punxsutawney
or you can freeze to death.
It's your choice.
What's It gonna be?
I'm thinking.
All the long-distance lines
are down?
What about the satellite?
is it snowing in space?
Don't you have a line you keep open
for emergencies or for celebrities?
I'm both.
I'm a celebrity in an emergency.
Can you patch me through
on that line, please?
Can I have one more
with booze in it?
I like it here.
Phil, are you going
to the groundhog dinner?.
I had groundhog for lunch.
It wasn't bad.
Tastes like chicken.
You two run along.
Looking foxy tonight, man.
Is your troop seIling cookies
again this year?.
That's so funny, Phil.
What are you gonna do?
I'm going back to my room
and take a hot shower.
Maybe read Hustler
or something.
Suit yourself.
Yo, Mom.
Isn't there any hot water?.
There wouldn't be today.
Of course not.
SIlly me.
Sweet dreams.
Nice going, boys.
You're playing yesterday's tape.
Chapped lips.
What the hell?
Good morning.
Off to see

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