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Like the groundhog Phil?
Yeah. Like the groundhog Phil.
Look out for your shadow, pal!
Morons, your bus is leaving!
You guys ready? We better go,
to stay ahead of the weather.
- Let's talk about it in Pittsburgh.
- I'm not going back to Pittsburgh.
- Why not?
- Because of the blizzard!
You said it was going
to hit Altoona.
I know that's what I said.
I think you need help.
That's what I've been saying.
I need help.
No spots.
No clots, no tumors.
No lesions.
No aneurisms.
At least none that I can see.
If you want a CAT scan or an MRI,
you'll have to go into Pittsburgh.
I can't go into Pittsburgh.
- Why can't you go into Pittsburgh?
- I told you, there's a blizzard.
Right. The blizzard!
You know what you may need,
Mr. Connors?
A biopsy.
A psychiatrist.
That's an unusual problem...
...Mr. Connors.
Most of my work is with couples,
families. I have an alcoholic now.
You went to college, right?
It wasn't veterinary
psychology, was it?
Didn't you take a course that
covered this stuff?
Sort of, I guess.
Abnormal psychology.
...what do I do?
We should meet again.
How's tomorrow for you?
Is that not good?
I was in the Virgin Islands once.
I met a girl.
We ate lobster.
Drank pia coladas.
At sunset, we made love
like sea otters.
That was a pretty good day.
Why couldn't I get that day...
...and over and over?
Some guys would look
at this glass and say:
"That glass is half empty."
Other guys would say,
"That glass is half full."
I peg you as a "glass is half empty"
kind of guy. Right?
What would you do if you were
stuck in one place...
...and every day was exactly the same,
and nothing you did mattered?
That about sums it up for me.
Good luck.
I'll drop you off.
This thing sticks a little bit.
You got to jiggle it...
Come on up here, pal.
Give me your keys, pal.
Give me the keys.
Friends don't let friends drive, right?
Stand up here.
Take a deep breath. You feel okay?
You're all right.
You want to throw up here
or in the car?
I think, both.
I don't think I should drive.
I don't either.
Watch your head.
Watch your knees.
Don't break anything.
Let's not forget seat belts.
Who else could go for some
flapjacks right now?
Let me ask you a question.
What if there were no tomorrow?
No tomorrow? That means there'd be
no consequences...
...no hangovers.
We could do whatever we wanted!
That's true.
We could do whatever we want.
If we wanted to hit mailboxes
we could let Ralph drive!
They want you to stop.
Hang on!
It's the same thing
your whole life.
"Clean up your room! Stand up
straight! Pick up your feet!
Take it like a man!
Be nice to your sister!
Don't mix beer and wine, ever!
Don't drive on the railroad tracks!"
That's one I agree with.
I don't know, Gus.
Sometimes I think you just have to...
...take the big chances.
This is the police! Pull over now!
We're talking in here!
I bet he swerves first.
I'm not going to live by
their rules anymore!
I noticed that.
You make choices
and you live with them.
My knee!
Let me handle this.
Three cheeseburgers,
two large fries...
...two chocolate shakes
and one large Coke.
And some flapjacks!
Too early for flapjacks?
Rise and shine, campers!
Don't forget your booties!
It's cold out there today!
It's cold every day.
What is this, Miami Beach?
Not hardly!
Slept like a baby.
I'd love some of your coffee.
- I hope...
- Flurries moving in later...
...but the blizzard's going to hit
outside of town.
Mrs. Lancaster?
Was anybody looking for me
here this morning?
Perhaps a state official?
Maybe a blue hat, gun, nightstick?
No, no one like that!
Will there be?
Apparently not.
Will you hold my room for me?
I'm staying an extra day.
Catch you tomorrow, pops.
- Phil Connors!
- Ned?
I like to see a man of advancing years
throw caution to the wind.
It's inspiring, in a way.
My years are not advancing
as fast as you think.

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