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alcoholic now.
You went to college, right?
It wasn't veterinary psychology, was it?
Didn't you take some course
that covered this stuff?.
Sort of. I guess.
Abnormal psychology.
So, what do I do?
I think we should meet again.
How's tomorrow for you?
Is that not good?
I was in the Virgin Islands once.
I met a girl.
We ate lobster,
drank pina coladas.
At sunset,
we made love like sea otters.
That was a pretty good day.
Why couldn't I get that day
over and over and over?.
You know, some guys
would look at this glass...
and they would say,
"That glass is half empty."
Other guys would say,
"That glass is half full."
I peg you as a "glass is half empty"
kind of guy. Am I right?
What would you do
if you were stuck in one place...
and every day was exactly the same,
and nothing that you did mattered?
That sums it up for me.
Good luck.
I'll drop you off.
-This thing sticks. You gotta jiggle lt.
-Come on up here.
- My gosh.
- Give me your keys, pal.
Friends don't let friends drive.
Stand up here. Take a deep breath.
You feel okay?. Really?.
You're all right.
You want to throw up here
or in the car?.
- I think both.
- Come on.
I don't think I should be driving.
I don't either.
Watch your head.
Watch your knees.
Don't break anything.
All right.
Let's not forget seat belts.
Who else could go
for some flapjacks right now?
Let me ask you guys a question.
- Shoot.
- What if there were no tomorrow?
No tomorrow? That would mean
there would be no consequences.
There would be no hangovers.
We could do whatever we wanted!
That's true.
We could do whatever we want.
If we wanted to hit mailboxes,
we could let Ralph drive!
- I think they want you to stop,
- Hang on.
It's the same thing
your whole life:.
"Clean up your room." "Stand up
straight." "Pick up your feet."
"Take it like a man."
"Be nice to your sister."
"Don't mix beer and wine, ever."
"Don't drive
on the railroad tracks."
Phil, that's one
I happen to agree with.
I don't know, Gus.
Sometimes I think you just have
to take the big chances.
This is the police!
Pullover immediately!
We're talking in here.
I'm betting he'll swerve first.
I'm not gonna live
by their rules anymore.
- I noticed that.
- You make choices and live with them.
My knee.
Let me handle this.
Three cheeseburgers,
two large fries...
two chocolate shake
and one large Coke.
- And some flapjacks.
- Too early for flapjacks?
Rise and shine, campers!
Don't forget your booties
because it's cold out there today!
It's cold out there every day.
What is this, Miami Beach? Not hardly.
Slept like a baby .
Thank you.
- I'd love some of your coffee.
- I hope--
Flurries moving in later, but
the blizzard will hit outside of town.
Mrs. Lancaster, was anybody
looking for me here this morning?
Perhaps a state official?
Maybe a blue hat, gun, nightstick?
No one like that.
will there be?
Apparently not.
Hold my room for me, please.
I'm staying an extra day.
Catch you tomorrow, Pops.
I like to see a man of advancing years
throwing caution to the wind.
It's inspiring, in a way.
My years are not advancing
as fast as you might think.
More coffee, hon?
Just keep It coming, please.
Sure thing.
Just put that anywhere, pal.
Good save.
Don't you worry about cholesterol,
lung cancer, love handles?
I don't worry
about anything anymore.
What make you so special?
Everybody worries about something.
That's exactly what make me so special.
I don't even have to floss.
"The wretch,
concentered all in self...
shall forfeit fair renown...
And, doubly dying,
shall go down...
To the vile dust,
from whence he sprung...
Unwept, unhonor'd, and unsung."
Sir Walter Scott.
- You don't like poetry?.
- I love poetry.
I just thought that was Willard Scott.
I was confused.
Do you think I'm acting like this
because I'm egocentric?
I know you're egocentric.
It's your defining characteristic.
Are you guys ready?.

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