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call my friends
and ask them what I like?
- Is this what love is for you?
- This is real. This is love.
Stop saying that!
You must be crazy.
I could never love you because
you'll never love anyone but yourself.
I don't even like myself.
Give me another chance.
That's for making me
care about you.
I haven't done this
since I was a kid.
It's fun!
And good, clean fun too.
That's what's missing in the world.
I can't wait to do this
with my own children.
I want lots of kids!
I want to adopt, I want my own kids,
I want to have foster kids.
I got this at Snowman City.
Hey! Some kid just
threw a snowball at us.
Come here! Let's have some fun!
I wish these were my own kids.
Are any of you up for adoption?
Here's a humdinger over here!
Wasn't that great?
Stop it!
Phil! Over here!
Where have you been?
You're missing the fun.
Phil, you look terrible.
What happened? Rough night?
Okay, campers.
Rise and shine.
Don't forget your booties,
because it's cold out there.
It's cold out there every day.
This country's largest lake,
Chapala, is located near Guadalajara.
What is Mexico?
What is Mexico?
- Correct.
- Lakes and Rivers, 400.
Seneca is the largest
of these lakes.
What are the Finger Lakes?
- What are the Finger Lakes?
- Correct.
- This lake in Bolivia...
- What is Titicaca?
- What is Titicaca?
- Correct.
For 1,000.
- Milky-colored...
- The Rhone.
...when entering Lake Geneva...
...this river is
clear blue upon exiting.
- Jim?
- The Rhone.
Good for $1, 000.
You're $500 off the lead right now.
This is pitiful.
A thousand people...
...freezing their butts off,
waiting to worship a rat.
What a hype.
They used to pull the hog out,
and they used to eat it.
You're hypocrites! All of you!
You got a problem, Larry?
Untie your tongue.
Come here and talk.
Am I upsetting you...
You want a prediction
about the weather?
You're asking the wrong Phil.
I'll give you a winter prediction.
It's going to be cold.
It's going to be gray.
And it's going to last you
for the rest of your life.
Once again the eyes of the nation
have turned here...
...to this tiny village
in Western Pennsylvania.
There is no way that this winter...
...is ever going to end...
...as long as this groundhog
keeps seeing his shadow.
I don't see any other way out.
He's got to be stopped.
And I have to stop it.
Real good, Phil.
Real good.
He's out of his gourd.
I'm worried. There's something
really wrong with Phil.
There's a lot of things
wrong with Phil.
Hi, Phil.
I've come to the end of me.
There's no way out now.
Just remember, we had
a beautiful day together once.
All right, little fellow.
Good job. He just smiled at me!
Did you see that?
I believe he did.
Okay, little fellow.
There you go.
Hi, there. Something I can
do you for?
Hey! What are you doing?
Get the word out.
Somebody kidnapped Phil!
We are going after him!
Why would anybody steal a groundhog?
I could think of reasons.
He must have just snapped!
This ought to be good.
What is he doing?
What can he be thinking?
Not bad for a quadruped.
Check your mirrors. Side of your eye.
Side of your eye.
That's it.
Hey, they're chasing us!
Come on, make it fun.
Don't drive angry.
Don't drive angry.
There's no way out
except the way we came in!
We got him now!
What is he doing?
I don't know.
If you got to shoot,
don't hit the groundhog.
Mustn't keep them waiting.
It's showtime.
On me in three...
He might be okay.
Well, no. Probably not now.
Did you sleep well, Mr. Connors?
Would you like...
...some toast?
Oh, my God!
That's him.
He was a really, really great guy.
I really, really liked him...
...a lot.
I'm sorry?
What was that again?
- I'm a god.
- You're God?
I'm a god. I'm not the god,

- ...
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