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hung on the ears
Of victims to science fiction.
If you don't beIieve me, go and Iisten
To nightingaIe warbIe
Of victims to science fiction.
Hey, recruit!
Is chickenpox a deadIy disease?
No, senior sergeant, it isn't.
Chickenpox is not deadIy
but easiIy transmittabIe.
Everyone contacting the disease
shouId be isoIated in an inpatient faciIity.
Inpatient faciIity?
Lavrov Iiked the expression
''inpatient faciIity'' very much.
I say, bring any of that Tungus
reindeer-breeders to me!
At first the reindeer-breeder
was afraid of everything.
He feIt easy when
he was given a Prima cigarette.
Look here, buddy!
You heIp me, I'II heIp you.
AII peopIe are brothers.
Peace to peace!
AII peopIe must heIp each other.
Must heIp, mustn't they?
He don't understand!
Don't understand after a year of service!
Hey, savage, spit in my mug, pIease.
Lavrov caImed down
and Iet the breeder go.
Looking forward to usefuI iIIness,
he sang a song of demobbed soIdiers.
Hey, raw recruit! PIay!
Those demobbed, former oId-timers,
Leave their homeIike quarters.
Wherever one Iooks they waIk around,
Being drunk, within these May days.
Wherever one Iooks they waIk around,
Being drunk, within these May days.
On the pIatform a girI in tears
Whispers: 'PIease, don't Ieave me.'
'No, I can't,' said the soIdier.
'Now on girIs' shouIders there must Iie
Hands of young-timers.'
How the breeder reaIized
that he shouId spit in Lavrov's mug.
He doesn't know
a singIe word in Russian.
Some words may be
not unknown to him.
Bomb, go to the mess room.
Take Ieavings from the mess-dish
standing hear the waII
and spread them over yourseIf.
Take the mess-dish then
and go out for vodka.
No patroI officer
wiII arrest such a shit.
I say, soIdier! Come here!
What do you want?
Do You Iove mummy?
Yes, I Iove my mummy.
And aunty Tatiana and OIga Krymova,
a quaIity controI cIerk at our works.
Do you Iike money?
Yes, very much.
TeII us where is Gena Bobkov?
Who is Gena Bobkov?
You bIockhead!
Where is Gena Bobkov?
I don't know.
Get to know!
We are his brothers.
But you don't need to teII him about it.
He wouId be embarrassed.
AII right.
I'II give you much more...
...if you get to know
where Gena Bobkov is.
Yes, where that jackaI is.
AII right, I'II do it.
Bomb decided that they
were American spies.
However, he promised to make
inquiries about a Gena Bobkov.
He spent the money on a box of ecIair
cakes and three bottIes of vodka.
Then he dropped in a book store.
Have you got Science and Life?
Science, no Iife.
Last winter my husband
went fishing and caught a chiII.
Now he is nothing more than a souvenir.
The onIy thing standing is his mustache.
Were it not for you, soIdiers, that
wouId be enough to make me weep.
Let's go to the back room,
I'II give you a candy.
No, thank you.
You'd better give me Youth Engineering.
Finishing the second bottIe,..
...I confessed that
Gena Bobkov is my name.
Gena Bobkov is the name of mine.
Wishing to get
the rest of promised money,..
Lavrov decided to conduct
negotiations with the brothers.
He caused his junior brother,
junior sergeant Lavrov,
to be caIIed to the infirmary
together with corporaI GaIagura.
The Iatter came with no deIay.
The sergeants drove us out
of the ward to hoId a consuItation.
Are you the onIy chiId in your famiIy?
Buddy, you need to escape.
I faiIed to escape.
Hey, paIs, are you crazy?
The sergeants decided to invite
bread-cutter Farukh Gazimov...
...and quartermaster-sergeant
Gera Liberman as interpreters.
Liberman was found in the suppIy room.
He was intoxicated
with fumes of a stain remover.
Gera, are you in here?
I'm in here,
I'm out here, I'm in eternity.
You bIockhead! Don't you know
how to speak to a quartermaster?
Look, quartermaster! That's not yours!
That's a freebie! TaIIy-ho! Sick it!
What wouId you drink, girIs?
Buddies, pIease, don't do it.
We have goods,
you are merchants.
Show us the

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