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TaIaIayev distributed subma
chine guns to aII,
and to those who were not Iucky enough
to get them, he gave digging tooIs.
Read out, goIden eagIe.
I, Gennady Romanovich Bobkov,
soIemnIy swear aIIegiance to my
MotherIand, the Russian Federation.
What is our Iife?
A game.
And the most gambIing game
begins when your heaIth,
or - which is more cooI -
your Iife is at stake.
One may Iay out more cards, onIy the
army is abIe of reveaI our inner reserves.
And turn musty dreamers
into the conquerors of star meridians
and other gaIactic products.
Take me, for exampIe.
What was i and what have I become?
Putting it miIdIy,
i've become everything.
Because i'm a russian soIdier.
And a russian soIdier never gives up.
Anyway, he has nothing to Iose.
This is our main miIitary secret.

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