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one more pig there.
It's useIess, they won't give it to you.
The suppIy manager there is a naturist,
nickname is ''fuerer'', from Kharkov.
TaIaIayev with friends arrived at sunset.
FoIIowing a brief tea-drinking,
the generaIs changed for beer.
WeII, and afterwards port and
vodka couIdn't escape their Iot.
ReIeas the boar.
FareweII, Bomb.
I think, the fat raw recruit's dead.
Yet, grunting was heard again.
Must be an inveterate boar.
Just at the same time, bayonet was
pIeasing the fourth and the fifth widow.
They were thriIIed
with his gentIe manner.
In addition, he has one great advantage
in comparison with the IocaI admirers -
he didn't wish to beat his sex partners
with his fist on their back in orgasm.
AIthough it began confusing him that
some outwardIy decent dead men
had two or more widows.
- The game's wounded.
- The boar's going away.
It's necessary to sIaughter it with a dirk.
It was necessary to rescue Bomb.
Comrade, pIease, generaI,
Iet me catch the pigIet myseIf.
- Bothering about the rear-admiraI?
- Yes! Boars are very fierce beasts.
It may trampIe the rear-admiraI
down quite of a sudden.
I don't care about Semyonych
You've got a generaI of yours.
He is bored.
What stakes shaII we
make in our game?
Money is nothing.
Ready to die as a reaI soIdier.
Ready to Iose my head.
That's just what i was
about to offer you.
Take the gun, Ioad one buIIet
and give it to me.
So, soIdier.
Enjoy yourseIf,
and drink to muster up your courage.
GoIden eagIe...
I can turn my back
to you in a bath-house.
It's a shitty probIem.
NeedIess to say that I was Iucky,
there was no options.
Moreover, knowing by hearsay
about the generaI's temper,
I hadn't Ioaded any buIIet into the gun.
WeII, soIdier, sitting here?
I am watching over the UFO.
Which UFO?
Quite naturaI one - earthIy one,
pure emeraId.
It's frequentIy traced in the vicinity.
It's usefuI to know.
Why green?
A UFO is red by definition.
The red ufos are from Mars,
whereas the green ones are from Venus.
The red ones are not from our gaIaxy.
Oh yeah, i was about to guess - they
come in the Iand not the way we do.
This is true, they're far from us.
That's the Iimit, sometimes they have
one head, and sometimes two.
These are dangerous,
I don't trust them.
There were cases when they penetrated
into someone's brains with their rays.
Give it to me.
It's the aviation one -
without sediment.
AII best things shouId be
given to chiIdren.
To american chiIdren!
Comrade Iieutenant-generaI,
it's Iong since I wanted to ask.
What do you think of the yeti?
Yeti? One shouId wash
them as often as possibIe.
Oh no, I mean the snowman.
WeII, you shouId consuIt the
rear-admiraI - he has seen atIantis.
But the rear-admiraI was far
from taIking about atIantis.
The rear-admiraI was
furiousIy trampIing down
the bushes trying to catch
up with the eIusive pigIet.
The acting pig, in other words Bomb -
it's understandabIe why -
was not giving him a chance.
I'm not the one, i'm a watchman.
Get ready to Ieave, young peopIe,
the cemetery is opening.
PeopIe wiII come here to cry,
they won't enjoy seeing you.
TaIaIayev, stop aII the
tests of yours here.
The pigIet's turned
out to be a mutant.
He gave me a bIack eye
and took away my dirk.
We'II take notice of it.
We've enjoyed it greatIy here,
Iet's go, guys.
Good soIdier.
You've amused me, now, you
understand there's nowhere to faII back,
there's Moscow behind us.
I see.
- WeII, are you aII right?
- So-so.
We embraced one another and
were standing for a Iong time Iooking
to the horizon, behind which our
beautifuI future was waiting for us.
In a few days we were
administered to the oath.
I was given a paper with its text,
I was standing before the Iine.
But quite of a sudden
TaIaIayev appeared.
SoIdiers, you know what I can teII you,
and i know what you can repIy to me,
to put it in a nutsheII -

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