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The police are asking questions
about you, too.
One of them is talking now
to your boy over there.
Oh, shit!
That's all l need now!
l bet a grand
this one in leather is a snitch.
Don't lose heart, Volodya.
Vasily called the big house,
they agreed to take
everything you bring
at usual interest.
You know it's the most
reliable bank in our country.
They also wanted to tell you
to stand firm during
an interrogation if you're called up.
You'll be helped out.
Yes, by the way.
You've got only 24 hours.
Volin won't hold out any longer.
Well, Lipakher,
shall we confess or what?
Since l left
Lugansk and came to Moscow,
l've been for 10 years now
freelancing for Pionerskaya Pravda.
l've been collaborating with the KGB.
And l've exposed quite a number of
suspicious characters for what they're.
And so now,
with great pleasure
and civic responsibility,
l'll give you all the necessary
against Vladimir Georgiyevich Kazakov.
We'll go now.
The operatives are back.
Oh, comrade Lipakher,
our old acquaintance.
Kazakov lives in the high rise on
Kotelnichenskaya. The door's locked.
The concierge testified that a half
hour ago he left with some bundles.
Allow me to contribute
whatever mite l can.
Today at three-thirty
Kazakov is to meet
with his bodyguard
at the junction of Moscow
Beltway and Ryazansky Highway,
and then go, together with him,
to Lukhovitsy settlement,
a compound of the Supreme Soviet.
Comrade Lipakher,
your country will not forget you.
l wish it hadn't.
We got to go.
l have a feeling,
some sixth sense,
that we all, present here,
can really be trusted.
So, for your
and your families' safety,
not a word to anyone
either about our find
or even about our visit to this house.
lf Gryaznov doesn't get Kazakov for
me, l'll demote him to an inspector.
Something doesn't seem to gel.
You know what's his problem?
We wait 15 more minutes and go.
First, l'm Second.
Am following him on the beltway.
A motorcyclist in front,
then Kazakov in a Toyota.
Follow me.
We've been fired at!
The motorcyclist wounded our driver.
Kazakov's slipped away.
Call the ambulance.
The ambulance, quick.
And announce the search.
Attention all posts!
Wanted a silver-tone Toyota
and a Yava motorcycle
heading in the direction of Lukhovitsy.
Attention! Wanted
Kazakov, Vladimir Georgiyevich...
We've lost the bastard.
Yeah, it's hopeless.
lt's been 30 minutes already.
- Shall we drop in?
- Are you off your rocker?
Georgadze lives here, Secretary
of the Supreme Soviet Presidium.
Mom, it's me.
l called you many times, but you
were out. Come tomorrow night.
Why are you having guests?
l miss you, haven't seen you for ages.
And the other reason?
- You're just something!
- Sure l am!
He wants you
to meet his friend.
lt's about your work.
The friend is a big shot.
Do you hear me? He can
get you a plum job.
l have no time.
Please, do it for me.
Only l can't promise to come early.
Mister, how far are you going?
Got any documents?
Stop! Or l'll fire!
What is it?
Radio that
l've apprehended a dangerous criminal.
He and my partner are wounded.
Go all the way without stopping.
l can't, they're going to fire me.
Go on, fuck you!
But l fired in the air.
Head of the investigative department,
Leonid Vasilyevich Pakhomenko,
is busying himself with
an unimaginable bullshit -
he's keeping dossiers
on every employee.
He fills in ruled sheets
everything the snitches bring.
There's my file somewhere, too.
Well, Sasha, soon
your internship will be over.
l just talked to
the Moscow Prosecutor,
comrade Mashkov.
l would like...
you, as a Komsomol member,
to understand us correctly.
We Communists,
want to ask you,
for the cause
we're all serving,
for our common cause,
about the following.
Every day
you have to bring in a report
on what your team
has done about this case.
The Rakitin case.
ln a way, your future
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