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Good for you.
Go and lighten up.
lt's no good for young people
messing with shit all day.
What's the occasion for the party?
No occasion. By the way,
today is the Artillery Man Day.
My husband is an artilleryman.
So l'm an artillery girl, too.
l've been in Afghanistan for a year.
After it, our hospital is a paradise.
Though l didn't make it either as
an artillery girl or a general's wife.
That night l didn't drink, nor sing,
l stared at her and did not blink,
As though a child, as though a child.
But he who's been with her before,
He told me l should simply go,
He told me l should simply go,
l'd face denial.
And he who's been with her before,
He talked so rudely and he swore,
But l remembered - l wasn't drunk then.
And as l tried to walk away,
She told me, ''What's the hurry, stay!''
She told me, ''What's the hurry, stay!
lt isn't late yet!''
But he who's been with her before,
Remembered and did not let go,
And once in fall, and once in fall,
l'm with my friend, they blocked our
They stood together in a chain,
They stood together in a chain,
Eight men in all.
With me - my knife, and l decide
l won't go down without a fight,
Watch out, you fools! Watch out,
you fools!
Why should l wait to be submersed?
And so l chose to strike them first,
And so l chose to strike them first,
These were the rules.
But he who's been with her before,
He planned and plotted a fierce row,
Severe and grave, severe and grave.
Right from behind someone attacked,
Valyukha warned me, ''Watch your back!''
Valyukha warned me, ''Watch your back!''
lt was too late.
Let's go to my place.
No, we'll go to mine.
You probably think l'm very smart,
but actually l'm a fool.
He came to our
graduation ball.
l liked his
uniform so much.
l danced with him
some stupid waltzes,
then he brought me
to this apartment.
Then l became his wife.
Oh God...
- Rita?
- Yes, it's me.
Sorry for such an early call.
l want Sasha.
Just a minute.
- lt's Merkulov for you.
- Merkulov?!
Konstantin Dmitriyevich,
what's up?
We got to go to the country now.
Kupriyanova's husband has just called.
He said that Lesya isn't
Lesya, it's Lyosya, Lyosik.
That's how Kupriyanova used to call
her music teacher, Lucian Romanov.
He lives in Bolshevo.
l need you, Rita and a car.
Sorry for having guessed
where you are.
- He's guessed about us.
- So what?
Does it make a difference?
What do we do now?
Quiet, Mister.
Good morning.
Good morning, Lucian Germanovich.
The last time Valechka
visited me on Sunday.
- Did she come alone?
- No.
She came
with her admirer.
She'd always had
many admirers.
She called him Viktor Nikolayevich.
l don't know his last name.
Did she ever borrow money from you?
Sometimes. But that time
she just came to visit.
They rolled in a black Volga.
Spent a couple of hours here and left.
lt took them quite a while
to look around my hothouse.
- You got a hothouse?
- lt's all my riches.
Oh, how beautiful!
And what's down there?
This is the most precious thing -
all kinds of seedlings.
California, Baby...
lt's only seedlings.
All right, 15 rubles.
Shall we bring in witnesses,
Konstantin Dmitriyevich?
To hell with witnesses.
Oh, God!
Top secret.
To Major-General of national security,
V.V. Kassarin.
Special report.
The 5th Dept. carries on investigation
into the murder of V.N. Rakitin.
Merkulov's and Turetsky's
home telephones
are tapped.
From a conversation with
Turetsky's neighbor it transpired
that Turetsky didn't spend the night
at home.
His present whereabouts
are unknown.
Detective Merkulov
left home at 1 1 :30.
After he made several
subway changes, we lost him.
Captain Gryaznov is now
at the Moscow Hippodrome,
carrying out work
on locating Vladimir Kazakov.
Hi, Volodya.
Vasily wanted me to tell you
to be more careful with his goods.
Hide the goods, money and stuff
in another place, but be careful.
Your friend Volin's been
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