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We had to substitute her
by a stand-in.
Now it all falls in.
Tomorrow you'll go
for identification.
- The cucumber.
- Here.
As for the owner of the badge
No. 10569 ''USSR Master of Sports'',
found at the scene of the murder,
it belongs to lgor Volin,
head of the wrestling club
at the Moscow University.
As you directed, we've
shadowed him all day.
ln the morning he was at a farm market,
from 3 to 5 - at his mistress',
Yelena Vasilyevna Smagina.
We put Volin's and his mistress'
apartments under surveillance.
Oh, boys!
We take Volin quietly and
with no hurry.
lt's some idiotism.
Sure, it's idiotism.
Volin is the one over there, in a hat.
Good afternoon.
Your documents, please.
- What's the matter?
- Just a check-up.
Excuse me.
Your car looks like
the one on a wanted list.
We have to check it.
Don't be nervous, colleague.
l'm not nervous.
What's this?
Presents for my family.
Such a big family?
- ls this your attache case?
- Yes, mine.
Open it.
- Need any help?
- No, thanks.
Take measures for stopping
a Zhiguli car, VAZ 21-06.
Attention all police departments
and road police posts.
Urgently wanted
Volin, lgor Nikolayevich,
a coach of ''Nauka'' Sports Club,
born in 1952.
Top secret.
To the Head of 2nd Dept. of Moscow
Criminal Police,
Lt.-Colonel A.l. Ruslanova.
ln keeping with your instructions,
l, Police Captain Gryaznov,
and my team are carrying on
surveillance over Ye.V. Smagina,
residing at
Frunzenskaya Embankment, 48.
At 14:30 the subject left a shop
and headed for
Byelorussia Station,
where she tried to catch a taxi.
The subject was planted
Captain Fedotov's taxi.
Smagina told him
her home address.
From 15:07 our team is carrying out
the tapping of conversations
and sounds in the apartment.
Wait, don't panic.
Why do they want you, lgor?
l was carrying some togs
of Yurka Leonovich, the redhead.
They picked on me because of the car:
show them the trunk.
l opened it, and there...
Yurka the bastard put in a bag.
With money, as much as a lemon,
and a gun.
What a snake!
And what did you do?
l figured right away it smelled of
a wetjob, so l cleared out.
What's going to happen now?
lgor, what's going to happen to us?
Everything will be okay.
Let's go away...
Come on, you fool, go out.
They have surely
put me on a wanted persons list.
How awful!
Our trick didn't work, she didn't
get him out of the apartment.
We'd better have a drink.
What do you want - cognac, vodka?
l heard it, l'm not deaf.
Let them drink,
then we'll see.
l'm scared.
You silly.
Here, drink some cognac.
Come here.
Take everything off me.
Like this.
Not right away, no.
l want to kiss.
lt's a pornography hour, chief.
What would be your instructions?
Shut up and wait.
Wait, don't move!
Oh God, how l love him...
No, excuse me,
but l can't work like this.
Gryaznov, get your SWAT
team up to the 5th floor.
Volin is the national wrestling
champ, he may be armed.
Open the door quietly when they're
going to come, on my signal.
Are they going
to come on your signal?
Oh, you'll have it coming!
Do it!
l'm going up.
What's going on here?
Oh, l'm dying!
ls he strangling her?
He's humiliating her,
Comrade Lieutenant-Colonel.
Excuse the expression.
Oh, l'm dying!
- Stop that outrage!
- Yes, ma'am.
Comrade chief,
don't interfere with our work.
- Gryaznov, do you hear me?
- Yes, l do.
lf you continue your hooliganism on
the air, you go on leave in December.
Got you, Konstantin Dmitriyevich.
You could at least send us
some milk because of harmful work.
- Who's going to open the door?
- Technician Suzdaltsev.
Get ready.
Take him alive.
He's been banging her for 25 minutes.
lt's not him, she's banging him.
Gryaznov, go!
Rakitin, Viktor Nikolayevich,
Dept. Head, Ministry of Foreign Trade,
as it turns out, also working on
the KGB's Strategy Department,
comes to the
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