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Чёрный квадрат

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on an unauthorized activity.
We have
an in-house instruction.
According to that rule,
a Chekist must not lodge a complaint
with any other organization.
And Viktor did, and even
went as high as Politburo.
The next step after such
unauthorized activity
is that the Collegium takes
a decision and our boys arrange
a car crash, some other
accident, or something in that vein.
lt means that Rakitin was
officially sentenced to death?
He's an excellent operative,
almost a genius of intelligence.
And the fact that he
manipulates with valuables
is not so important,
it's even natural.
Let me give you some advice.
When Andropov was the KGB Chairman,
he introduced a new rule.
To avoid mutual responsibility,
he ordered a special mailbox
installed in the lobby
of the KGB main office.
Every hour
the contents are taken out
and put on Andropov's desk.
A decree was signed yesterday on
transferring Fedorchuk to the Ministry
of lnternal Affairs, and Chebrikov
is appointed the KGB Chairman.
When can l deliver you the letter?
Any time.
You know the address.
You never gave me the answer.
To what?
Will you marry me?
All right.
Yes, l shall marry
Sasha Turetsky.
Do you have
any suspicions
regarding the attempt on your life?
l wouldn't have even talked to you...
Did he pity me?
He wanted to waste me.
Am l supposed to pity him now?
He was afraid l'd tell
everything about Kupriyanova.
And Rakitin.
lt was Vasily who ordered to kill them.
And about the valuables
at Georgadze's...
Who are you talking about?
Who's Vasily?
Vasily Vasilyevich.
A KGB general.
Did you have any personal accounts
to settle with Rakitin and Kupriyanova?
l wish l'd never laid my eyes on them.
So why did you decide
to kill total strangers?
l had no choice.
Kassarin knew everything about me,
he could give me away any moment.
lt was him who got me a job
at the Hippodrome,
and with his friend
at Yeliseyevsky Supermarket.
l'm just a stooge,
and he's the master.
You think all this gold
and African diamonds
that l hauled to
Georgadze's dacha are mine?
lt's all his.
All of it...
Chebrikov's reception.
Get me Merkulov.
A call from Chebrikov's reception
for you.
l'm an assistant of the Chairman
of the Committee of National Security,
Colonel-General Chebrikov.
Viktor Mikhailovich has received your
letter and expects you in 30 minutes.
- The car is on its way.
- All right.
A car from Chebrikov
will be here any minute.
Apparently, he will
receive us in a safe house,
where he meets
his personal agents.
Konstantin Dmitriyevich,
a car has arrived for you.
- Rita!
- Sasha, l came to see you.
Get in. We're in a hurry.
They didn't expect
Rita to come with us.
The one with a machinegun
didn't see her right away.
But she saw him, and she screamed.
And that unseen one gave a burst of
fire at the scream, and then all around.
Their prime interest
was the documents.
The search for the car that
brought us there yielded no result.
Did Gryaznov call?
l can't find him anywhere.
Here's the decision on announcing the
search and arrest of Vitaly Shakun.
l handed in my resignation.
l'll be gathering mushrooms
in the country.
Aleksandr Borisovich,
come for a minute to Moiseyev.
Come on, Aleksandr,
to the memory of Rita Nikolayevna.
Kostya asked me to give it to you
if anything happens to him.
ln this package, Sasha,
are copies of Rakitin's documents.
Why did Kassarin want to get
these documents at any price?
Rakitin was about to pass the
information about Kassarin to the West.
Kassarin is mortally afraid of that.
lt would mean the end of him.
Call David at this number.
Pass the documents to him.
He knows what to do with them.
lra, here's the phone number.
Memorize it.
Go to the corner of Sivtsev Vrazhek.
There's a
Чёрный квадрат Чёрный квадрат

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