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normal people.
Freud had written about it, too.
l studied Nazi archives.
All those Hitlers, Goebbelses
seemed to have
anticipated their dismal end.
Don't smile,
l'm anticipating something, too.
For example,
your tricky questions.
l seem to know all about you.
The other day Lyosha's girlfriend
delivered me a dispatch from you.
You're Merkulov.
And this is Turetsky?
He's helping you, right?
Why do you look sort of
stunned, young men?
Or you don't know
how to speak to me?
Come on, sit down.
You must be interested if l loved
my son-in-law, Viktor Rakitin,
orjust treated him
like a father-in-law should.
So, listen.
l loved him and still love,
as perhaps l loved no one else,
except my grandson
and this woman,
my second wife.
So l'm here all for you.
Use me.
ln memory of Viktor, l'll reveal to
you what l've never told anybody.
Tell us about Kassarin.
lt was on March 7, 1982.
A van arrived
in Amsterdam from Bern.
The van contained
no less than
ten million dollars intended
for a foreign communist party.
The actual sender was
the CPSU Central Committee.
And the fictitious one -
a front company named ''Kontext''.
The code?
The code!
lf you don't name the code,
your friend is finished.
The driver had to hand them
the keys and decode the security.
The bags with dollars
passed on to the attackers.
Rakitin insisted
on investigating that matter,
drawing his superiors'
attention to the fact
that Kassarin
was abroad at the time
and that at the same time
another Soviet agent died
under shady circumstances.
The case had been hushed up.
As was another case,
involving 50,000 dollars,
the trail of which led
directly to Kassarin.
Didn't l throw in something for you?
And now it's yourjob,
comrade prosecutors,
to put together a stack
of firewood from it.
And so that it wouldn't break down.
l advise you to
talk to Viktor's friend,
KGB Colonel Ponomaryov.
Who are you?
Do you hear me, girl?
Turetsky, are you dumb or what?
Who are you?
- l'm Lida Merkulova.
- Konstantin Dmitriyevich's daughter?
He is not my real dad,
but l call him dad,
because we agreed that
he would be like a real dad to me.
And why do you
smell of gasoline?
Turetsky, let's get out of here.
They grabbed me, pushed me
into a car, and took me somewhere.
l didn't see anything...
Turetsky, don't fall, please.
When we arrived, you were sitting
there, only l didn't know it was you.
They slapped you on the cheeks,
and said, ''Stop playing the fool.''
And the other one took
a hypo with a big needle.
They gave you shots.
You opened your eyes.
They were saying:
''Tell us where the diaries are.''
Oh God, where are we?
They couldn't exile us so quickly.
A mathematic test.
Solnechnogorsk school.
So it's Solnechnogorsk.
Oktyabrskaya Railway.
Only, where's that railway?
There goes a train over there.
This way.
Hold on.
C'mon, c'mon.
They gave you a shot, and you,
Turetsky, you screamed so loud.
Then the tall one
brought a big square bottle.
And they poured
something over my coat.
l think it was gasoline.
And the other one
got a lighter, and said:
''Watch how your boss's daughter
is going to blaze up like a torch.''
And you, Turetsky,
you were just like a dummy,
you only opened your mouth,
but couldn't say anything.
And then the tall one said
that they won't get nothing
because they overdone it,
and he began to swear, and called
you a cretin and some creep.
That's it, we got no more time.
Either we take Kassarin out,
or out he takes us.
Where did you get so soused?
Sasha, what happened?
Sasha, what happened?
Will you marry me?
You idiot, you scared me.
Valery Sergeyevich?
Konstantin Dmitriyevich?
Tsapko told me
about your cases.
Have you got a hundred-percent
evidence against Kassarin?
l think we have.
This matter's already been discussed
by the KGB Collegium in Kuntsevo.
You know what was the decision?
To consider Rakitin a person
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