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Чёрный квадрат

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Dostoyevsky died of?
Sure l know.
He died of old age.
You're wrong, my dear.
The great author
died because of a search.
l hope there's no such danger for you.
Please, no debates, Captain.
Alla Aleksandrovna,
l see you're an educated person.
Do you know
what this word means?
Confabulation is a kind
of psychic illness.
A tendency
for wishful thinking.
Am l right,
Aleksandr Borisovich?
Jesus Christ!
A matrix for one hundred dollars!
Where did you get it,
Alla Aleksandrovna?
Kazakov wasn't very
particular about hygiene.
Under his nails there was
a conglomeration of micro-particles
of the bricks found at the scene
of Rakitin's murder at the exhibition,
and of the rope
with which Rakitin was strangled.
And, thirdly...
Fourthly, tenthly, and so on.
We did expose Kazakov.
As for the second character
in a checkered overcoat,
nothing gels so far,
as Krasnikovsky likes to say.
There're no traces
of a badge pin
on Kazakov's
suit coat.
Now you, Semyon Semyonovich.
The ballistic examination showed
that Kazakov was fired at
not from the spot where the sergeant
had been, but from the platform.
What do you say to this?
Nothing good.
We know as much
as we knew on the day of the murder.
- Have you found that Lesya?
- We have.
- And?
- Nothing.
A friend of Kupriyanova
named Alisa,
who came from abroad
and brought cosmetics.
The ballerina owed her 15 rubles.
l guess she'll never pay back now.
Yes, that's clear,
Konstantin Dmitriyevich.
- Well, if you don't need me, l...
- You can go.
Then, all the best to you all.
Go on. Go.
Aleksandr Borisovich and l
are going to Lianozovo.
Good afternoon, Alla Aleksandrovna.
Please, have a seat.
Sit down, sit down.
How are you feeling, my dear?
l hope you're familiar with
Article 38 of the Criminal Code
about a sincere repentance
and mitigating circumstances.
So l suggest
you stop playing the fool
and tell us
who advised you
to rob
your own apartment,
who gave you
our adversary's cliche
for printing
counterfeit dollars, and so on.
Such as how you managed
to poison Yura Leonovich.
Don't you try to bully me.
Fuck you and your interrogation!
And if you try to slip me the jacket,
my lvan will waste you!
Now take me to the cell.
Don't you see l'm out of my wits?
Oh, what awful expressions,
Alla Aleksandrovna.
Artur, go quick.
Ruslanova wants you.
Slava, stay here
with the madam. l'll be right back.
Alla, l need to know urgently
where you hid the cliche's other half.
Yours V.
First pull me out of here.
lf Kassarin knows for sure
that we have Rakitin's duplicates,
he'll try to take us out.
Or lock us in a loony bin.
But now we're going to
Victoria Rakitina's father.
To Lyosha's grandfather?
lf he wants, he will help us.
Top secret.
To Major-General of national
security Kassarin. Special report.
At 12:48 the Center
got a telephone report
from Police Captain Gryaznov
about Merkulov, Turetsky
and criminalist Moiseyev
having a briefing on the results
of the forensic-medical examinations.
Detective Merkulov
blurted out to Gryaznov
who was Lesya
mentioned in Kupriyanova's notebook.
lt is Alisa
Fyodorovna Smetyuk.
Alisa Smetyuk confirmed
that she had sold to her friend
Kupriyanova some Polish cosmetics,
but never received money for it.
At 13:02 Merkulov and Turetsky
arrived at South Port's
territory of Automobile Complex,
from where they headed
in an unknown direction.
Come in, l'll be right with you.
l love tinkering with
my possessions.
l won't swear to it, but my
assistants in the conquered Berlin,
where l was setting up in 1945
our intelligence residence,
that this pistol
once seemed to have
belonged to Himmler himself.
l have a weakness for personal arms.
and pathologic personalities.
How can l better explain
to you this weakness of mine?
Those characters have
their super-subconscious developed
in a greater degree than
Чёрный квадрат Чёрный квадрат

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