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My hat...
Kostya, you've lost your hat.
lt was at Gypsy Faculty...
Rakitin was carrying
super-secret state information.
lt was a copy of the plan
of capture by the Soviet Union
of he world economic market.
And, most importantly,
the military seizure of countries
extracting oil,
uranium, bauxites,
and other stuff.
- What did you say, who killed him?
- The KGB.
- Where did you hear it?
- l made it up myself.
So it's your opinion
that we should make a search
of the house of the Supreme
Soviet Presidium Secretary?
l'm basing my opinion, Yuri
Vladimirovich, on the opinion
of detective Merkulov
who's in charge of that case.
- Although...
- Go on.
l wanted to say that
a search of the house of the USSR
Supreme Soviet Presidium Secretary
is a dangerous thing, of course.
And to keep a bribe-taker and
swindler in such an important post
is not dangerous, in your opinion?
Let us not be ostriches,
comrade Yemelyanov.
l'm sanctioning
a search at Georgadze's.
Sergey Andreyevich.
lt's time for you
to get an independent field of work.
As of today, you're appointed
Moscow Prosecutor.
l've just returned from the hockey
game. lt was a great hockey!
Sasha, thank you for coming.
- How are you doing here?
- Alright.
Hello, Pavel Semyonovich.
Good evening.
A penalty drink.
You can eat later.
Please meet
Vasily Vasilyevich Kassarin,
your colleague.
Sort of.
- Sort of what?
- Sort of your colleague.
By the way, Yelena Petrovna,
Boris Borisovich
Turetsky and l
used to be good friends.
l remember him telling me
about your friendship.
Though so many years have passed,
l might be mistaken.
We're retreating to the kitchen to
make tea by a special Chinese method.
Come to see me later.
l need to talk to you
l'm a Major-General
of national security.
l believe you.
l wanted to invite you to my office,
then decided it would be better here.
l know your stepfather, but more
important, l knew your father.
l'm sort of
morally responsible for you.
l don't like praising people, but your
father, Sasha, really had brains.
He studied economics,
and l, philosophy.
We got together,
discussed Marx, Lenin.
We argued, that's true.
You must understand that time
had split the world
into two warring camps -
those of socialism and imperialism,
excuse me for the banality.
And the winner in
this struggle can be only one.
Marx says that the Reds
will win, and l believe Marx.
But even more strongly l believe
the Russian man, Ulyanov-Lenin,
who formulated
a great law -
the dictatorship of the proletariat
means absolute power,
and that power is
upheld only with violence.
Do you understand? Violence.
And time just
put the record straight.
lnstead of the dictatorship of the
proletariat, we got the Party,
the Party of Communists.
And now the dictatorship
belongs to
the national security.
The KGB is the vanguard of
the Communist Party.
So the question is:
Are you with us or against us?
l'm not getting you.
Do you mean l'm not with you?
The Prosecutor's Office is part of
the Party, so l'm with you.
The Prosecutor's Office is just
for raking garbage away.
Do l make myself clear?
Let's throw demagoguery aside.
Will you work for the KGB?
Or more precisely, for me?
You couldn't even dream
of the prospects before you.
We need intelligent people.
What am l supposed to do?
l'm in charge of the operation
'export'. You've probably heard of it.
The one Rakitin was involved in.
l wouldn't like to take the Rakitin
case from the Prosecutor's Office.
But l must know
what's going on there.
Why don't you speak
directly to Merkulov?
He works for the Central Committee,
and refuses to cooperate with us.
l've got information
that Andropov appointed Yemelyanov
to be the new Moscow Prosecutor.
There's intricate politics in all this.
What exactly do l have to do?
First, you have
just to say ''Yes, l agree''.
Second, to sign an
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