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your computers personally.
How long before they'll start
searching for these two?
It depends on their duty schedule.
Could be anytime.
Then we have to move fast.
So, he neglected his duty
to his country for a higher ideal.
So what? What basis in fact do you have
for these macabre speculations?
I agree that his style
is somewhat unconventional...
but he's willing and eager
to share his knowledge with us.
- Doesn't that mean anything to you?
- We're not staying aboard this ship
any longer than we have to, Alex.
- I think that's up
to Reinhardt to decide.
- Dan.
Vincent wants you aboard
the Palomino right away.
Let's go, Charlie.
I think I'll tag along.
This isn't our party.
Let's get outta here.
Reinhardt will solve the one final
mystery that has eluded mankind.
Or he'll die in the attempt.
Alex, I'm beginning to feel
you want to go with him.
On a glorious pilgrimage, straight
into what may be the mind of God?
I do. I do.
"And darkness was upon
the face of the deep.
And the spirit of God moved
upon the face of the waters."
What an incredible sight.
I still haven't got used to it.
Where are the others?
- They were recalled to the ship.
- Recalled?
Didn't I say no more
unescorted excursions?
Where was your communication?
Ah, the ESP you share
with the robot.
Dr Durant.
- Yes, Doctor?
- These are all my formulas
I've compiled over the years.
I want you to take them
back with you...
and pass them on to others
in case something might happen to me.
You can depend on me.
I also want you
to monitor my flight.
Stay as long as you can
at the event horizon.
There might be an Einstein-Rosen
bridge to consider.
I will.
Believe me, I've been
waiting a long time...
for someone like you
to record this moment.
Thank you, Doctor.
Then I'm ready.
Ready to embark on
man's greatest journey.
Certainly his riskiest.
The risk is incidental
compared to the possibility...
to possess the great truth
of the unknown.
There, long-cherished
laws of nature...
simply do not apply.
They vanish.
And life?
Life forever.
The officer the men trusted most
was Frank McCrae.
- Kate's father.
- They turned to him when Dr Reinhardt
ignored the orders to return home.
He tried to take control
of the Cygnus.
Reinhardt called it mutiny
and killed Mr McCrae.
- What became of the crew?
- They were captured by the sentry
robots and are still on board.
- What?
- Where?
In the command tower,
the power centre.
Robots, Mr Pizer, humanoid robots.
The most valuable thing
in the universe...
intelligent life, means
nothing to Dr Reinhardt.
Without their wills, the crew
became things he could command.
- That explains the funeral.
- Right.
And the limping robot you spotted.
Do you mean to tell me that
there's actually a human body
under that clothing?
Exactly, Mr Booth.
We can't just take off and leave
these poor devils behind.
Harry, looks like we're
gonna have to try your plan.
What? And end up just like
the rest of the crew?
Why, if they couldn't pull it off,
what chance do we have?
Captain, the damage is irreversible.
Death is their only release.
That's right. For God's sakes, Dan,
we can't take on that mechanical army.
Captain, I was forced
to destroy two sentry robots.
The others are searching now.
If they're found...
- Gotcha, Vincent.
Charlie, start the countdown.
- Right.
Vincent, tell Kate I want her
and Alex back here on the double.
Fix navigational course.
You have achieved all this
on your own, Dr Reinhardt...
and you would have every right
to reject the request of
a comparative stranger, but...
What are you hoping for, Alex?
No, scientific truth.
Alex, we have to board right away.
They're waiting to blast off.
Prepare reactors!
- How are your readings, Vincent?
- All systems are go, Mr Pizer.
Alex, I will not have you
throwing your life away for this.
- He can do it. I know he
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